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Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way (in πŸŽ₯ video): part 6 – CronJobs

Understanding Kubernetes can be difficult or time-consuming. In order to spread knowledges about Cloud technologies I started to create sketchnotes about Kubernetes, then I've auto-published a book and since now I've started a new serie of video! :-)

I imagined a serie of short videos with a mix of sketchnotes and speech.

I think it could be a good way, more visual, with audio & video to explain Kubernetes (and others technologies).

The sixth episode is focused on a very important Kubernetes object: CronJobs.

The video is in French BUT I done the subtitles in english (and french too).

If you liked the video and are interested to watch another ones, please give me some feedbacks (and you can also subscribe to my Youtube channel, if you want to ❀️).

If you are interested, I published all the sketchnotes on Kubernetes (and new ones!) to make a "book" of 120 pages: "Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way".

If you like theses sketchnotes, you can follow me, I will publish others sketchs shortly :-).

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