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Understanding Istio: part 1 – Istio Components

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Understanding Cloud technologies, like Kubernetes, can be difficult or time-consuming. In order to spread knowledges about it, I started to create sketchnotes about Kubernetes and know it's time to talk about a perfect companion of Kubernetes, a service mesh, Istio.

We start our new serie of Sketchnotes about Istio, let's start with Istio components.

Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

If you are interested, I published a book with all the sketchnotes on Istio (and new ones!): "Understanding Istio in a visual way".

As usual, if you like theses sketchnotes, you can follow me, and tell me what do you think. I will publish others sketchs shortly :-).

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Just a suggestion, dont' know if it makes sense, is it possible for you add some sort of explanation? Diagrams are good but if it includes some sort of explanation it will be even better. Thanks


What kind of suggestions for you want?
For which topics/concepts?


I can't even read the notes, was it made on purpose so we have hard time understanding the notes itself let alone istio >.<


Thanks for your feedbacks.
What is hard for you? Understand the text handwritten? The format?
I can't improve myself without solution or context or helpful informations.