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I’ve been going back to G00gle Chrome for it’s Devtools too-often after switching to FF DE for my main dev browser. It makes me wonder if I should go back.

Vivaldi to the rescue! It’s come a long way and is a Chromium-based browser. I'll be trying the switch this week!

It's super customizable!

Screenshot of Vivaldi's Split Tab View

And this split-view thing is going to come in super-handy.

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Aubrey Portwood • Edited

This may be too soon to say, but with the Orion profile feature, I'm considering using Orion (and, yes, Webkit Devtools) for my main development driver instead of Vivaldi.

It works so well out of the box!

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Aubrey Portwood

Orion isn't turning out to be a good all-around solution due to lack of autofill (for forms, credit cards, etc). So I might be tinkering with Vivaldi a little more this week...

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Git Concepts I Wish I Knew Years Ago

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It's not Python or HTML.

It hardly even gets mentioned in interviews or listed as a pre-requisite for jobs.

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