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Not 5 but 6 Things to ask Before Joining a new Organisation If you're a DEV or SDE.

Often there comes a time when you've to face a situation to change your job. And there can be many reasons for that ranging from a high salary to work-life balance and many more.

So in this post I'll share some points that you can create a comparison table in order to decide which one to join and which one not.

1. Salary

Salary directly equates to money you'll earn. And you can say it's materialistic and we should not chase it. But but but...there's a catch.
You salary determines the worth of your time. It tells how much value you get for your time that you put in in your job.

Salary breakdown is also an important factor to check. Are you getting full amount in hand or there's a PF system. Because you can be a person like me who would like to have full money in hand and manage your money yourself instead of letting it be deprecated by inflation.

2. Job Location

Job location also plays a huge role when making career related decision. Location is very important as:

  • If you've to relocate to a new location and it's far it can be a pain to do so.
  • If the location is an expensive place then the salary you thought was high would actually look less in the end after all the expenditure.
  • Some people prefer to be around their family so now with the option to either do WFH or WFO or maybe Hybrid is now a choice based on location.
  • Job location also determines what kind of place or people you would like to be around. You can be working in a city which is IT Hub or a city which has good food, or maybe the mix of both world if you're that much lucky. So an awareness about the kind of lifestyle you want to have is must to make this choice.

3. Increment Structure

Increments are important to keep you motivated and hooked to the sense of making progress monetarily in your career. Therefore, it's always good to know how often increments are made, it's criteria, and what are the percentage ranges for the increment.

4. Bonuses

Adding to the increment there're annual bonuses and different other kinds of bonuses. So ask about the bonuses. They kind of add up to your annual income and hence boost your CTC.

Let's say you earn 12LPA and there are 10% annual bonus, then after completing a year you get 1Lakh and that kind of sums upto 13LPA.

5. Employee Friendly Policies and other

These are some minor things but plays a significant role in how easy it would be to carry on doing your job even if you love the job you do.

  • What are the leave policies? Number of leaves - paid leaves, sick leaves, etc. I even saw the option of unlimited leaves. Currently I don't know how it works but I'll update here once I do.
  • How flexible are timings? Do you need to pretend busy even if you're not?
  • Are there any coverage for health insurance or medical expenses?
  • Any upskilling model such as providing courses for online learning and other things?
  • Does the company provides you with the machine to work on or you've to use your own. Kinda sounds weird but there are some who ask you to use your own.

6. Bond and Notice Period

Firstly I would suggest that if you've multiple job offers in your hand refrain from bonds. Bonds are like handcuffs tied behind your hand.

I understand the role of bonds from the perspective of employer also as hiring is a cumbersome process so they won't want the hired employees to leave the place in early phase.

But what I also believe is that there's no good to keep someone who is not interested to be in the organisation as if they will only create a ripple effect of their negativity related to the organisation all around them inflicting their colleagues with it.
And Notice periods are also important I agree but make sure you don't sign off for more than 1 to 1.5 months.

I know a lot of these were obvious things but believe me they don't come to mind when you need them the most like the list of things we need to keep while traveling.

You feel me right?

I guess that's all for now. Comment down what you folks feel is also important to look before choosing a job. Till then happy hunting🙂.

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dougatgrafbase profile image
Doug Schwartz

Is this a new position?
If not, what happened to the last person?

atulbhattsystem32 profile image
Atul Bhatt

Now I see.
Yeah, it's also a good question to ask what role you are actually filling in.

atulbhattsystem32 profile image
Atul Bhatt

Sorry I didn't got your point!

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