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Machine Learning FYP Ideas

Predicting Freeway Congestion

Supervised Learning of Query Term Relevant Product Recommendations

Robotic Arm Control

Network Intrusion Detection

Multi-Website Name Coreference Resolution

Probabilistic Independent Component Analysis for fMRI Data and Validating the Components using Learning Methods

Machine learning algorithms for musical instrument recognition

Classification of Network Flows

Vision and Learning for Quadruped Robot

Selection of Relevant Sites in Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

Grammar Acquisition in Natural Languages

Neural Network Approach to Option Pricing

Unsupervised Learning for DNA Transcription Factors

A System for Segmenting Video of Juggling

An EigenFace based approach to classify cell-signaling profiles

Motor Skill Learning

Reinforced Genre Classification and Vocal Segmentation of Popular Music

Feature Selection based on Maximizing the Separability in Gauss Mixture Models

A Study on Aging Patterns of NBA Players

Chunking based learning of Associative Markov Networks for Segmentation of 3D Scan Data

Document Retrieval using Syntactic Analysis of Queries

Nonlinear Dimension Reduction Technique for Branching Structure

Applying Sentiment Classification Techniques to the Personalization Problem

Stock Trading Learner

Dance Dance Classification

Probabilistic Models for Identifying Genetic Basis of Gene Expression Variation

This Sentence is Not a Question or Is It?

Learning Capital Structure Arbitrage

Using unlabelled data for Adaptation of Named-Entity Recognition Systems

Automated Failure Detection in Web Applications via Changes in User Behavior

Using Unsupervised Learning to Build Image Feature Index Databases

Semantic Context Classification

Control parameter optimization for autonomous driving on rough terrain

Machine Learning of Arm Dynamics for Collision Detection

Probabilistic Group Scheduling For Chaotic People

Data driven approach to generate dirt textures

Simulating Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner using Particle Filters and PCA

Separating Format and Content in Hypertext Documents

Shape completion of nonrigid articulated objects

K-Means Heuristics and Other Approaches to Clustering

Learning to Focus Reasoning in a Reactive Agent

Quadrotor aircraft autonomous flight above ground effect using reinforcement learning control

Spam Classification

Clustering Methods for Reference Resolution

Using Statistical Shape with Intensity and Texture Information for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Segmentation

Snake robot motion planning for climbing obstacles

An Empirical Study of Public Education Spending and Student Performance

Sheet Music

Stock Market Prediction

Most Probable Ground Edge Explanation in an Image

Learning an Event Model for Financial News and Stock Prices


Localization using Unsynchronized Ultrasonic Sensor Network with Unknown Node Locations

Classification of remote sensing images with SVM

Image Segmentation for Desert Road Following

De-Obfuscation for Spam Emails

Learning to Manipulate Objects from Simulated Images

Music Alignment Discovery

User authentication based on behavioral mouse dynamics biometrics

Reordering Attachment Candidates in the CSLI Dialogue Systems

Decoding Cognitive States from fMRI Timeseries

Semantic Extensions to Syntactic Analysis of Queries

Learning To Pick Up a Novel Object

Controlling Devices by Using Robot Arm

Metrics for a Mastoidectomy Simulator

Using Embedding Algorithms to Find a Low Dimensional Representation of Neural Activity During Motor Planning

Multicore Learning Algorithm

Gaussian PRM Samplers for Dynamic Configuration Spaces

NER Adapatation

Beat CAL: Machine Learning in Football Play-calling

Door Handle Detection for Stair

Machine Learning for Controlled Slides of a RC Car

Sentence Unit Detection Without an Audio Signal

Identification of Heterozygous Mutations

GroupTime Probabilistic Scheduling

Learning to Classify Terrain

How's Your Golf Game?

Chest Pain in the Emergency Department: Use of Asymmetric Penalties in Sequential Minimal Optimization with Feature Selection to Improve Clinical Decision Making Accuracy

Distributed Random Forests

Explicit Image Filter

MLB Prediction and Analysis

Tracking a Ground Vehicle from an Autonomous Helicopter

Clustering News Feeds with Flock

Simultaneous learning of a robot's gait and its body dimensions and compliances

Smart Text Input System

A Discriminative Learning Model for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Removing Ionospheric Corruption from Low Frequency Radio Arrays

Human Vision based Object Recognition

Prostate Detection Using PCA

Aircraft Collision Avoidance.

Machine Learning for Patent Classification

Factor Analysis Using pPCA

Re-Learning to Walk: Learning the Optimal Force Feedback Controller for aQuadruped Robot

Handwritten Digit Recognition: Investigation and Improvement of theInferred Motor Program Algorithm

Machine Learning for Auto-Dynamic Difficulty in a 2-D Space Shooter

Query Optimization

Segmentation of Music Into Notes Using Mixture of Gaussians

Statistical clustering and Mineral Spectral Unmixing in Aviris HyperspectralImage of Cuprite NV

Music Tempo Classification

L1 Regularized Logistic Regression

Localization in Ad-Hoc Sensor Network

Predicting political trends from news text

Applying Synthetic Images to Learning Grasping Orientation from Single Monocular Images

Distributed Compression of Stereoscopic Images With Unsupervised Learning of Disparity

Assessing Opinion of Product Reviews

Query By Humming

Splice Site Recognition Using Multiple Sequence Alignment

Combining Monocular and Stereo Depth Cues

Applying Machine Learning to Astronaut Robotic Assistants

Learning to Automatically Discover Meronyms

A Novel Approach to User Authentication Through Machine Learning of Keyboard Acoustic Emanations

Learning Techniques for Computer Aided Diagnosis in Chest Radiography

Application of Clustering for Unsupervised Language Learning

Predicting Win/Loss Probabilities and Score Distributions in Competitive Games

Hierarchical Learning from Natural Images

Named Entity Recognition

Learning Depth in Lightfield Images

Dual Tree KDE

Clustering and Segmentation of Probabilistic Interaction Networks

Protein Structure Classification

Automated Extraction of Even Details from Text Snippets

A Hierarchical Application of ICA-based Feature Extraction to Image Classification

Football Ranking System

Machine Learning of Expressive Microtiming in Brazilian and Reggae Drumming

Learning Traffic Light Control Policies

Fraud Detection for Online Retail Using Random Forests

Failure Diagnosis for Configuration Problem in Storage System

Incipient Hydraulic Pump Fault Detection using One-Class Support Vector Machines

Learning to Rank Wine

Conversation Closings: Creating a Boredom Detector

Maximizing Pinball Scores Through MDP Algorithms

Entity Resolution of Structured Soccer Data

Learning Scoring Functions for Question Answering

Robust Logistic Regression

Snake robot locomotion

Learning Traffic Light Control Policies

Prediction of Content Quality and Perspective

Machine Learning Algorithms for the Design of Novel Photonic Crystals

Automatic Calendar Management

Learning Maps for 3-D Combat Games

The Brainwaves of Imaginary Events

Using a Kalman Filter with an Information-Form Data Association Filter

Learning Snake Gaits

Learning Life and Death in Go

Exploring machine learning techniques for recommending advertising keywords

Predicting Outcomes of Baseball At-Bats

Gene Recognition

Learning how to Classify Ventricular Tachicardia in ICDs

Diversity Classification for Futures Contracts

Kernels for Classification Based on Associations

Face Detection with Random Forests

Finding Gene Pairs With Disjoint Expression In Cancer Cells

Driving an RC car using computer vision

Using Atomic Actions to Control Snake Robot Locomotion

Minimizing System Correlation in SVM Training

Dimensionality Reduction using Noisy Distance Data

Temporal Ordering of Event Descriptions

Training Log Linear Models Using Smoothed Hamming Loss

Just Keep Flying: Machine Learning for UAV Gust Soaring

Learning Planar Geometric Scene Context Using Stereo Vision

KNN for Netflix

Object Identification in Images

Intelligent Rankings

Combination of Experts Approach to Image Boundary Detection

Auto-Tagging the Facebook

Segmenting Descending Aorta Using Machine Learning

Structure-Informed RNA Sequence Alignment using Discriminative Models

Musical Instrument Detection

Breaking it Down: The World as Legos

Learning 3-D Scene Structure from a Single Still Image

Language Classification in Multilingual Documents

Rotation-Invariant Sparse Coding

Knowledge Based Reconstruction of the Transcriptional Regulatory Network in Yeast

4-D Interest Maps for Direct Fovea Attention-Based Systems

System Identification of DragonFly UAV via Bayesian Estimation

Dimensionality-Reduction of Neural Data

Image processing of wildtype and mutant bacterial cells

Dimension Reduction of Image Manifolds

Learning Techniques to aid Pose Estimation via SIFT

Classifying fMRI Data

Investigating Copy Number Variation in Cancer

Computational Beauty Analysis

Programming-By-Example Gesture Recognition

Teaching STAIR to Identify and Manipulate Tools

Netflix Prize Project

Pose Estimation From Occluded Images

Predicting how Netflix users will rate movies using logistic regression and probabilistic modelling

Hierarchical Sparse Coding

Mining Feelings

Market Making With Machine Learning

Beat Induction

Predicting Visual Saliency and Saccade Probability

Extracting Meeting Topics Using Speech And Documents

Detecting Corporate Fraud: An Application of Machine Learning

Matrix Factorization for Collaborative Prediction

Face Orientation Estimation in Smart Camera Networks


Optical Illusion

Object Recognition from 3D Point Clouds

Use of KNN and K-Means for the Netflix Prize

Factor-analysis with partially observed training data

A Machine Learning Approach to Opponent Modeling in General Game Playing

Sparse Coding Invariance

Automatically clustering WordNet senses

SQUINT: Identifying Relevant Sections of a Web page for a Web Search Query

Detecting Digital Forgeries Using SVMs and Lighting Inconsistencies

Waveform-based Musical Genre Classification

Machine Learning Based Botnet Detection

Machine Learning applied to Building Performance Metrics

Automatic Identification of Red-Eye in Photos

Machine Learning with a Lego Mindstorms Robot

Applying sparse coding to speech

Determining the Information Value Of Tags

Computational Identification and Prediction of Tissue-Specific Alternative Splicing

Predicting connection quality in peer-to-peer real-time video streaming systems

Predicting 3D Arm Trajectories

Are You Hot Or Not?

Explaining Preference Learning

Rotten Tomatoes: Sentiment Classification in Movie Reviews

NFL Project (Predicting the outcome of NFL games)

Learning to Test

Predicting Movie Preferences

Learning Bayesian Networks in Presence of Missing Data

Understanding Civil War and Economic Growth

Stock Trading with Recurrent Reinforcement Learning (RRL)

Emotion Detection from Speech

Data Mining from Digital Image

Audio Segmentation

Learning to Select a Good Grasp

Localizing a Guidewire in Three Dimensions during Endovascular Interventions Using Single-view Fluoroscopy and a Stereo Roadmap: Method and Feasibility Study

Improving Estimation of the Nearest Neighbor in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Ascertaining the relevance model of a web search-engine

Solving the Damage Localization Problem in Structural Health Monitoring Using Techniques in Pattern Classification

Learning V2 basis for sparse RBM

Object Recognition using Large Datasets

HMM Analysis and Synthesis of Acoustic Drum Signals

Multiple Object Detection with Optimized Spatial Weighting

How to Win at the Track

Learning to recognize people

Autonomous Flight / Kalman Filtering for Full-Size Helicopter

Face Detection Using ICA

Authorship of Hebrews

Exploring Image Clustering Algorithm for Wall and Floor Identification

A Gait Library for Rapid Quadruped Locomotion

Tls using Learning to Speculate

Semantic Website Clustering

Robust Building Identification for Mobile Augmented Reality

Structural Edge Learning For 3-D Reconstruction From a Single Still Image

Facebook Friend Suggestion

Who's in Charge Here?: Using Clustering Algorithms to Infer Association of Putative Regulatory Elements and Genes

FIDA: Face Recognition using Descriptive Input Semantics

Motion Planning for the ATHLETE Rover with Reinforcement Learning

Image Processing for Bubble Detection in Microfluidics

Neighborhood based methods for Collaborative Filtering

Computationally Efficient Evolutionary Algorithms: Enhanced by On-Line Machine Learning

Robot Motion for Obstacle Negotiation

Automatic Detection of Character Encoding and Language

Seeing Invisible Properties of Subsurface Oil and Gas Reservoir through Extensive Uses of Machine Learning Algorithms

Corporate Valuation Using Machine Learning

Maximum Divergence in Speech Recognition

A travel time prediction with machine learning algorithms

3D reconstruction of brain tissue

Semi-Supervised Learning with Sparse Distributed Representations

Robot Grasping

Cave Exploring With 3D Pointclouds

Automated photo tagging in Facebook

Semantic Taxonomy Induction from Semi-Structured Text

Enabling a Robot to Open Doors

Extending WordNet using Generalized Automated Relationship Induction

Inferring 3D Scene Structure from a Single Still Image

Predicting New Search-Query Cluster Volume

Volatility Forecasting using SVM

Using Machine Learning to Improve in Silico Enhancer Prediction Specificity

Identification of copy number variation in cancer genomes

Compact Representation of Protein Surface Patches

Using WordNet and Clustering for Semantic Role Labeling

Morphological Galaxy Classification Using Machine Learning

Sparse Coding of Point Cloud Data

Adaptive optimization of hyperparameters in L2-regularised logistic regression

Object Tracking in a Video Sequence

System Identification of Cessna 182 Model UAV

Multiple hyperparameter learning in L1 regularized models using a Bayesian approach

Automatic Construction of Cell Genealogical Histories

Customer Review Feature Extraction

Machine Learning Applied to Texas Hold 'Em Poker

3D reconstruction of brain tissue

Multi-Class Object Recognition Using Shared SIFT Features

Topic Correlations over Time

Combinatorail Laplacian and Rank Aggregation

Classifying Press Releases and Companies Relationships Based on Stock Performance

Online feedback for human learning

A Non-Parametric EM Algorithm for Hybrid Sampling in Probabilistic Roadmap (PRM) PLanning

Machine Learning Applied to 3-D Reservoir Simulation

Self-Calibration of a Pair of Webcams for Stereo Vision

Control of an autonomous helicopter in autorotation

Automatically Detecting Banner Ads in Web Pages

Patent Cases Docket Classification

Forecasting Purchasing Behavior using fMRI Data

Sound Design Learning for Frequency Modulation Synthesis Parameters

State Indexed Policy Search by Dynamic Programming

Getting the Position and the Pose Using Stereo Vision

Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Machine Learning Applications

A Machine Learning Approach to Developing Rigid-body Dynamics Simulators for Quadruped Trot Gaits

A Model of Perceptual Decision Making in Lateral Intraparietal Area

A Predictive Model of Gene Expression in E. Coli

Accurate and Cheap Robot Range Finder

Adaptive AI for Fighting Games

Location Based Adaptive Routing Protocol(LBAR) using Reinforcement Learning

Airline Departure Delay Prediction

Audio Query by Gesture

Automated Microsurgery for High-Throughput Fly Brain Imaging

Automatic Calibration of 2D and 3D Point Correspondences

Automatic Index Generation for Religious Texts

Automatic robotic arm calibration using parameter optimization techniques

Autonomous Interpretation of Elevator Panels for Robot Navigation

Bagging for One-Class Learning

GoodReads Recommendations

Channel Selection for Cognitive Radio Terminals

Character Set Encoding Detection using a Support Vector Machine

Classification Of Heirarchical Activation In Visual Cortex

Classifying Musical Scores By Composer

Computational Gambling

Cracking CAPTCHAs

Creating Models of Performers of Chopin Mazurkas

Classifying Handshapes on a Multitouch Device


Restoring Focus in Photographs

Detection and Extraction of Events From Emails

Detection of Atrial Fibrillation in ECGs

Predicting 3D Geometric Shapes of Objects From a Single Image

OCR for Mobile Phones

Exploiting a database to predict the in-flight stability of the F-16

Face Detection using LBP features

Content-Based Features in the Composer Identification Problem

Finding Common Opinions in User-Generated Reviews

Flickr Tag Recommendation

Robust Realignment of fMRI Time Series Data

Uncertainties estimation and compensation on a robot manipulator: Application on Barrett robotic arm

Genotype Prediction with SVMs

Grasping Obects Using High-Density High-Accuracy Point Cloud Data

Grouping Photos by Face

Portfolio Replication with Sparse Regression

Holey Ship! Bilging by reinforcement learning

Identifying Epilepsy Using MRIs of the Hippocampus

Identifying protein-protein interactions

Image Segmentation

Improving Search Engine for a Digital Library

Incentives and Machine Learning

Internet Article Comment Classifier

Learning To Predict A Student's Performance On Problem sets

Learning and Predicting Flow Duration and Rate

Ray density Learning

Machine Learning Classification Of Malicious Network Traffic

Machine Learning Methods Application in Moving Average Trading Rules

Machine Learning for Gene Behavior Classification

Machine Learning for the Frequency Control of MEMS Resonators

Modern Intelligent Tutoring System

Movie Recommendations Using Social Networks

Music Search Engine

Musical Hit Detection

Netflix Movie Rating Prediction using Enriched Movie Metadata

Object Recognition using Template Matching

Optical character recognition with an unsupervised hidden layer

Predicting Candidate Responses in Presidential Debates

Predicting Mode of Transport from iPhone Accelerometer Data

Predicting Protein Interactions with Motifs

Learning Business Article Sentiment Based on Stock Market Performance

Predicting Tastes from Friend Relationships

Prediction from Blog Data

Prediction of gene interaction measurements

Noise vs Feature: Probabilistic Denoising of Range Data

Absolute Range Detection System for STAIR

Protein Secondary Structure Prediction based on Neural Network Models and Support Vector Machines

Query Segmentation using Supervised Learning

Recognition of Door Handles to Enable a Robot to Open Doors

Recognizing People in Video Sequences

Recommendation System based on Collaborative Filtering

Reconstruction of Ca2+ dynamics from low frame rate Ca2+ imaging data

Recovering the Multitrack: Semi-Supervised Separation of Polyphonic Recorded Music

Robot Grasping with Optical Proximity Sensors

Scalable Object Recognition Using Support Vector Machines

Scientific Authorship Collaboration Interdisciplinarity and Productivity
Object Removal

Self Lane Assignment Using Smart Mobile Camera For Intelligent GPS Navigation and Traffic Interpretation

Semantic Classification of Emails

Sentiment Classification Judging Attractiveness of People through Textual Descriptions from Online Reviewers

Single Vehicle Job Scheduling Problem Using Learning Algorithm

Synthesizing Object-background Data for Large 3-D Datasets

Teleo-Reactive Planner On ROS

Textured Object Detection in Stereo Images using Visual Features

The Application of SVM to Algorithmic Trading

The Netflix Challenge

Time Series Prediction of US Swap Rates

Topological Classification of Data Sets without an Explicit Metric

Train your TV

Chinese (Restaurant) Menu Translation

Trying Out Machine Learning Tricks In A Tactical Game

Unsupervised Learning of Hierarchical Dependency Parsing

Using GPUs to Speedup Sparse Coding Algorithms Applied to Self-taught Learning Problems

Vertex Classification for Segmented Images

Video Montage

Video Montage-Video Abstraction

Vision-Controlled Autonomous Indoor Helicopter

Weblog Analysis and Classification using Machine Learning

A Framework for Stock Prediction

A Generalized Method to Solve Text-Based CAPTCHAs

A Machine Learning Approach to Stroke Risk Prediction

A Novel Authentication Mechanism Using Mobile Virtual Signatures

A SVM approach to stock trading

Adaptive Execution with Online Price Impact Learning

AI Mahjong

Algorithm Trading using Q-Learning and Recurrent Reinforcement Learning

An Adaptive Agent for No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker

An Empirical Study of Machine Learning Techniques used for Enhancer Classification

Applying Machine Learning in Game AI Design

Automatic Beat Alignment of Rap Lyrics

Automatic Fatigue Detection System

Automatic Graph Classification

Automatic identification of glomerulus in the antenna lobe of Drosophila

Automatic Ranking of Images on the Web

Automatic Recognition of Satire in Web Content

Automatic Segmentation of Clothing for the Identification of Fashion Trends Using K-Means Clustering

Automatic Segmentation using Learning Algorithms for High Resolution MRI of the Larynx

Automatic Transcription of Solo Piano Music

Bot Detection via Mouse Mapping

Bubble Clustering: Set Covering via Union of Ellipses

Chinese Sentence Tokenization Using a Word Classifier

Classification of Amazon Reviews

Classification of Genes Using Codon Usage

Classification of Hyperspectral Breast Images for Cancer Detection

Classification of Synapses Using Spatial Protein Data

Classifying Relationships Between Nouns

Click Prediction and Preference Ranking of RSS Feeds

Clustering Blogs Based on Stylistic Characteristics

Collaborative Filtering on Sparse Rating Data for

Controller Design For a Wall Landing Airplane

Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machine Features for TD Learning in Go

Deep Networks on the GPU

Detecting Chronic Pain with Structural MRI

Detection of faults in Antenna Array using SVM

Discovering Visual Hierarchy through Unsupervised Learning

Document Retrieval by Similarity

Does This Shirt Go With This Tie?

EigenHot or EigenNot

Enabling intelligent traffic flow management in Wireless LAN's using Markov Decision Process tools

Estimating Human Pose in Images

Estimating Missing Temporal Attributes In Genealogical Data

Face tracking in video

Favorites-Based Search Result Ordering

Feature Selection Methods for SVM Classification of Microarray Data

Finding a Basis for the Neural State

Finding Optimal Hardware Configurations For C Code

Finding the Augmented Neural Pathways to Math Processing

Force Feedback Learning Applied to Robot Object Handling

Formation Flight

Functional Connectivity and Distributed Classification of the Human Brain

Generalized Neutral Portfolio

Grant Prediction with Network Features

Hedging and Pricing Options using Machine Learning

Identification of Cancer-relevant Variations in a Novel Human Genome Sequence

Identification of nano-particle absoption by circulating macrophage

Identification of Neuroimaging Biomarkers

Identifying Hand Configurations with Low Resolution Depth Sensor Data

Inferring Passenger Boarding and Alighting Preferences for Marguerite

Integrated Analysis of Breast Cancer Gene Expression Morphology and Patient Survival


Investigation of error tolerant nature of machine learning algorithms

Learning 3D Point Cloud Histograms

Learning and Visualizing Political Issues from Voting Records

Learning Stereo Features with Stacked Autoencoders

Learning the Statistics of Wireless Links

Learning to Grasp Objects: A Novel Approach for Localizing Objects Using Depth Based Segmentation

Learning to Splash


Machine Learning for PreEmptive Identification of Unix Servers with Performance Problems

Machine Learning for Well Testing

Machine Learning In Statistical Arbitrage

Mapping geometry in heart rate data

Markov Decision Process Social Recommender

Mean Variance Optimization and Beyond

Mining Sentiment from Form 10K

Mood Detection: Implementing a facial expression recognition system

MRI Based Machine Learning For The Identification of Novel Subtypes in Autism.

Multi-touch Multi-robot Interface

Multiclass SVM's for Olfactory Classification

Musical Instrument Signal Separation from Popular Songs

N-gram-based Text Attribution

Online Learning for URL Classification

Online Parameter Estimation for the Adaptive Control of UAVs

Opponent Modelling in Heads-up NL Holdem

Person Following on STAIR

Playing Strong Poker

Portfolio Optimization Under Time-Varying Economic Regimes

Practical Option Pricing with Support Vector Regression and MART

Predicting Age Using Biomarkers and Physiological Measurements

Predictions and Rankings in College Football

Question Classification

Rapid Natural Scene Text Selection

Recognizing Informed Option Trading

Region of Interest Identification in Breast MRI ImageRegion of Interest Identification in Breast MRI Images

Relational RSS Clustering Techniques

RISK: A Case Study In Applying Learning Algorithms To Strategy Board Games

RoboChef: Automatic Recipe Generation

Sentiment Analysis of Microblogs

Server Load Prediction

Single Image Depth Estimation from Predicted Semantic Labels

SNPrints: Defining SDP signatures for prediction of onset in complex diseases

Spoken Language Identification With Hierarchical Temporal Memories

Starcraft Map Imbalance Prediction Based on Chosen Build Order

Static Positional Evaluation of Chess Positions

Stock Forecasting using hidden markov processes

Structural Motif detection in high-throughput structural probing of RNA

Supervised Entity and Relation Extraction

Supervised Learning in Genre Classification

Tag Recommendation for Photos

Toward a NIRS Brain Computer Interface

Transcription start site description

Unsupervised Clustering with Axis-aligned Rectangular Regions

Value Iteration and DDP for an Inverted Pendulum

Variants of Pegasos

Video Presentation Slide Alignment

Video Restoration using Multichannel-Morphological Component Analysis Inpainting

4-Way-Stop Wait-Time Prediction

A Better BCS

A Framework for Assessing the Feasibility of Learning Algorithms in Power-Constrained ASICs

A Framework for Recognizing Hand Gestures

A Machine Learning Approach for Future Career Planning

A Machine Learning Approach to Address the Issue of False Positives and False Negatives in Active Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

A Machine Learning Framework for Biochemical Reaction Matching

A Novel Machine Learning Based Prediction Model for Energy Expenditure in relation to Varying Load Incline and Body Composition

A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Pricing Derivatives

A Spam Classifier For Biology: Removing Noise from Small RNA Datasets

A Step-by-Step Approach to Footstep Detection

A Survey of Document Clustering Techniques & Comparison of LDA and moVMF

Accent Classification

Action Recognition in Video

Across-Subject Classification of Single EEG Trials

Adult Website Classifier

An Unsupervised Approach to Email Label Suggestions

Applying Entropy Encoding to High Frequency Trading

Assessing the Value of eBay Listing Features

Audio Source Separation Using Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis


Automated Agent for the Game RoShamBoFu

Automated Classification of Galaxy Zoo Images

Automated Parameterization of the Joint Space Dynamics of a Robotic System

Automatic Virtual Camera View Generation for Lecture Videos

Autonomous Generation of Bounding Boxes for Image Sets of the Same Object

Battery Management in Datacenter Using Machine Learning

Beating Elo

Beating the NCAA Football Point Spread

Caloric and Nutritional Information Using Image Classification

Classification and Quantification of Matrix Micro-cracks in Composite Structures

Classification of Book Titles

Classification of Fast Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Using Matching Pursuit Family Algorithm

Classification of handwritten digits by the set of partial linear and quadratic models

Classification of RNA splice junctions based on genomic signals

Classification of Road Images for Lane Detection

Classifying Parts Of Songs

Classifying Structural MRI Scans of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Comparison of Supervised & Unsupervised Learning in Estimation between Stocks and the S&P500

Diagnosis of Fragile X and Turner's Syndrome

Domain Adaptation for Relation Extraction

Emotion Recognition with Deep-Belief Networks

Enhancing Automated Question Classification

EPiC: Earthquake Prediction in California

Extracting Latent User Preferences Using "Sticky" Sliders

Fast Detection of Risk Signals in Post-marketing Drug Surveillance Using Costs in Claims Data: A Machine Learning Approach

Feature selection and dimensionality reduction of neural data to model adaptation in the retina

Forecasting Avalanches in the Pacific Northwest

Geometric Understanding of Indoor Scenes

Graduate School Application Evaluation Based on SVM

Handwritten Character Recognition

Hearst Challenge : A Framework to Learn Magazine Sales Volume

Hessian Free Deep Learning

Human Accuracy Analysis on the Amazon Mechanical Turk

Identifying Keywords in Random Texts

Identifying Looping Components of Audio Mixtures

Identifying Morphological Markers for Differential Diagnosis of Liver Lesion

Information Flows on Twitter

Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Linguistic Predictors of Court Verdicts

Janitor Bot - Detecting Light Switches

JIT Compilation of Common Kernels in Sequoia using Supervised Learning

Joint Supervised Learning of Ratings and Rankings

Learning the Genetic Causes for Schizophrenia through Copy-Number Variations

Learning the Structures and Predicting Behavoir of Potential Function Based Multi-Agent Formations

Local Image Histograms for Learning Exposure Fusion

Low-Cost Localization of Mobile Robots Through Probabilistic Sensor Fusion

Machine Learning Approaches to Automatic BI-RADS Classification of Mammography Reports

Machine Learning for Sentiment Analysis on the Experience Project

MAUL: Machine Agent User Learning

Measuring Occlusion Invariances in Deep Networks

Modeling Activity Patterns

Multiclass Clustering using a Semidefinite Relaxation

Multiple Experts with Binary Features

Musical Pitch Identification

Neuro-Fuzzy Inverse Forward Models

Neural Prediction Challenge: Primary Auditory Cortex

Object Detection with Partial Occlusion Based on a Deformable Parts-Based Model

Object Identification in Dynamic Environments

Online Dynamics Estimator for Adaptive UAV Control with Uncertain Model

Online learning of control policies for dynamical systems based on input/output data recorded on the fly

Optical Character Recognition for Handwritten Hindi

Optimizing Leakage Power using Machine Learning

OS fingerprint classification using a support vector machine

Parallel Unsupervised Feature Learning with Sparse AutoEncoder

Parallelizing Machine Learning Algorithms

Parallelizing the Sparse Autoencoder

Parking Spot Detection from Aerial Images

Particle classification

Predicting and Understanding Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Premature Infants

Predicting Magazine Sales Using Machine Learning

Predicting Market Fluctuations via Machine Learning

Predicting the Success of a Retirement Plan Based on Early Performance of Investments

Predicting Course Grades

Predicting Tags for URLs Based on Delicious Data

Predicting Wireless Channel Utilization at the PHY

Prediction of outcome for two team games

Rating Modules on Using Network Structure as a Feature in Regression

Automated Energy Distribution In Smart Grids

Recognizing facial expressions from videos using Deep Belief Networks

Recognizing Hand Gestures with a 3D Camera

Recommending Accounts to Twitter Users

Recycler Bot

Reinforcement Learning with Deep Architectures

Reinforcement Learning for Scheduling Threads on a Multi-Core Processor

Reservoir Uncertainty Assessment Using Machine Learning Techniques

RSS Feed Recommendation

Scene Text Understanding

Semi-Supervised Learning of Named Entity Substructure

Sentiment Analysis for Market Movements

Short-Term Electricity Demand Forecasting Using Independent Component Analysis

Short Term Load Forecasting With Dynamic Pricing

Signature Recognition on Multitouch Computers

Soft Co-clustering via Extension of PLSA

Storage Efficient NL-Means Burst Denoising for Programmable Cameras

Subspace Clustering with Applications to Dynamical Vision

Task Recommendation on Wikipedia

Textbaxed Soccer Simulator

Topic Modeling in Financial Documents

Toward Mechanized Music Pedagogy

Transferring Learning in Large Scale Datasets

Travel Time Estimation Using Floating Car Data

Twitter Hash Tag Prediction Algorithm

Twitter Relevance Filtering via Joint Bayes Classifiers from User Clustering

Twitter Spammer Profile Detection

Unsupervised Multi-factor Risk Models for US Equities

Unsupervised Learning of Multi-modal Features: Images and Text

Unsupervised learning technique for audience privacy protection in video lectures

Using AdaBoost for Real-Time Object Detection on Programmable Graphics Hardware

Using the Deformable Part Model with Autoencoded Feature Descriptors for Object Detection

Using Local Steering Kernels to Detect People in Videos

Using Machine Learning for Identification of Art Paintings

Using Social Networks to Improve Movie Ratings Predictions

Using Two Lenses for Depth Estimation and Simulation of Low Depth-of-Field Lenses

VC Robot

Vocal-based Musical Genre Classification

3D Kinect Object Recognition

A Hard Science Is Good to Find

A Learned Approach for Lump Identification in Soft Tissue via Palpation

A multi-task feature learning approach to human detection

A Stock-Purchasing Agent from Sentiment Analysis of Twitter

Accent Recognition

Acoustic Features for Multimedia Classification

Analysis of gene expression time series

Applying Machine Learning to Product Categorization

Attentional Based Multiple-Object Tracking

Audio Source Separation

Automated Market Sentiment Analysis of Twitter for Options Trading

Automated Patent Classification

Automatic genres classification of movies

Automatically Identifying Valid Web Form Inputs

Box Office Prediction for Upcoming Films

Breast Tumour Imaging and Drug Trials: Prediction of Response to Treatment

Building fast proxies for optimization of thermal reservoir simulation

Can a machine learn to teach?

Characterizing Densities from Semi-Analytical Models of Galaxy Formation

Classification of Malicious Network Activity

Classification of Video Game User Reviews

Classifying Galaxy Morphology using Machine Learning Techniques

Classifying Private Data

Complex Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning

Creating a Better Above-the-Fold Experience: Predicting News Article Preferences

Creating a Guided Water Rocket

CRF Based Point Cloud Segmentation

Decoding Neural Stop State

Decoding visual stimuli from neural responses

Design Space Characterization in Micro-Architecture Design and Implementation

Detecting Audio Video Misalignment

Detecting Emotion in Human Speech

Detection of Whistler Waves

"Dinner table object segmentation
Directed Learning WiFi SLAM Applications
Early defect identification of semiconductor processes using machine learning
Electricity Demand Prediction in California
Empirically Verifying and Innovations on Several Machine Learning Theorems and Techniques
Estimating Road Friction for Autonomous Vehicles
Final Approach
Finding Answers to Non-factoid Questions Using a Recursive Neural Network
Finding the Best Photo
Flame War detector
Football Futures
Forecasting Stock Market Behavior based on Public Sentiment
Forecasting Video Analytics
Forecasting with Expert Opinions
Foreign Accent Classification
Groundwater level prediction with linear regression
Identifying leaders in group movement of cows using proximity information
Identifying Optical Trap
Identifying Transcription Factor Binding by the DNase Hypersensitivity Assay
Image Segmentation from Point Cloud Data using Fully Connected CRFs with Gaussian Kernel for Autonomous Driving
Improving Accuracy of Inertial Measurement Units using Supervised Machine Learning
Improving Grad Student Romantic Life
Improving Response Modeling with Facebook engagement data
Improving Tictoc With Machine Learning
Incorporating Gryroscope Information in 3D Gesture Recognition
Indoor scene recognition
Inference of Structured Cell Populations from CyTOF Data
Interpreter aided salt boundary segmentation using SVM regression shape deformation technique
Interpreting American Sign Language With Kinect
Kinect Object Recognition
KLearn: Simulated Robot Actions using Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Learning Analytics in Education
Learning from High Dimensional Data
Learning Invariant Features for Action Recognition
Learning Market Performance Using Keyword Search Volume
Learning Unsupervised Features from Objects
Local Structure and Evolution for Cascade Prediction
Machine Learning for Baseball Statistics
Machine LearnNG Wikipedia: Recommending Interesting Articles
Measuring Student Confusion with Proof Helper
Modeling the Stock Market Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Modeling the Stock Market Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Multi-Level Automatic Music Classification
Multiple Feature Learning for Action Classification
Music Mood Classification
Musical Signal Separation
Neuron Detection In Fluorescence Microscopy
News Feed Prediction
News Recommendation
Node Classification in Multirelational Information Networks
Nonlinear Extensions of Reconstruction ICA
Object Classification Using SURF Descriptors
Occupation Classifier
OCR for Telugu Script
Optical Character Recogntion
Optimization Algorithms for Non-smooth ML Problems
People Detection with DSIFT and SVM Algorithms
Predicting Borrow's Chances of Defaulting on their Loans
Predicting Controversial Wikipedia Articles Using Edit History
Predicting Couchsurfing Experiences
Predicting differential drug response using clinical informatics
Predicting Disease States From Genetics
Predicting Gene Expression Using CAGE Data
Predicting glance appeal for web sites
Predicting Movie Rating based on Text Reviews
Predicting Movie Revenue
Predicting Movie Revenues using IMDb Data
Predicting Movie Success
Predicting News Preference
Predicting News Preferences
Predicting News Preferences
Predicting Outcomes of NFL Games
Predicting Preferences: Analyzing Reading Behavior and News Preferences
Predicting probability of Loan default
Predicting Rating Satisfaction based on Text Reviews with Sentiment Analysis
Predicting socio-economic factors with traffic data
Predicting the Dow Jones using Twitter
Predicting the immediate future with Recurrent Neural Networks
Predicting Tourism Trends with Google Insights
Prediction of Price Movement in the Foreign Exchange Market
Promoting Student Success in Online Courses
Pulse News Prediction
Pulse Project
Real-time object detection and recognition
Reddit Recommendation System
Reduced Rank Regression
Resampling Detection for Digital Image Forensics
Sentiment Analysis of Occupy Wall Street Tweets
Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Feeds for the Prediction of Stock Market Movement
Sentiment-based model for reputation systems in Amazon
Sign Language Gesture Recognition with Unsupervised Feature Learning
Stock Trend Classifier
Structured Completion Predictors Applied to Image Segmentation
Supervised Link Prediction through Social Group Attributes and Geographic Data
Supplementing Checkers AI Evolution with Game Classification
Support Vector Machine Classification of Snow Radar Interface Layers
Tactical and Strategic Game Play in Doppelkopf
Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation with Recursive Neural Network
Using NYC Big Data to Predict Housing Prices in NYC
Using spatiotemporally distributed patterns of intracranial encephalographic activity to classify previously encountered versus novel stimuli
Using Twitter to Estimate and Predict the Trends and Opinions
Using Twitter to Predict Stock Market Movement
Webcam Sign Language Recognition
Website Classifer
What It Took To Win: Predicting College Football Wins from the Box Score
What Makes for a Hit Pop Song?
Yelp - Star Ranking Prediction and Snippet Extraction using Sentiment Analysis
Yelp++: 10 Times More Information per View
A Facebook Profile-Based TV Recommender System
A Flexible System for Hand Gesture Recognition
A New Rival To Predator And ALIEN
A Risky Proposal: Designing a Risk Game Playing Agent
A Supervised Learning Method for Seismic Data Quality Control
A Wind Power Forecasting Problem
Acoustic Detection: Identifying Train Events
Action Recognition in Tennis
An application of machine learning to the board game pentago
Analysis for Association between Genomic Information and Survival Rate of Glioblastoma Multiforme
Analyzing and Predicting Tags to Build an Error-Resistant Music Recommendation System
Analyzing CS 229 Projects
Applying machine learning algorithms to oil reservoir production optimization
Applying Reinforcement Learning to Competitive Tetris
Assigning B cell Maturity in Leukemia
Association of enhancers and genes they regulate
Author Identification on Twitter
Authorship Identification of Movie Reviews
Automated analysis of calcium imaging data
Automated detection and repair of visual distortion in data graphics
Automated Essay Grading Using Machine Learning
Automated hand recognition as a human-computer interface
Automated Segmentation of Breast Density
Automated Stock Trading Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Automated Transcription of Guitar Music
Automatic detection and cropping of dipoles in large area SQUID magnetometry scans of individual nano magnets.
Automatic Detection of Dark Matter via Weak Gravitational Lensing
Automatic Tag Generation for Music Files
Beer recommendation engine
Bestbuy Recommendation System
Biomedical Research Topics Trends
Breast Cancer Prognosis
Broadcast news story boundary detection using visual, audio and text features
Cancerous Tissue Classication Using Microarray and RNASeq Gene Expression
Characterizing Dark Matter Concentrations Through Magnitude Distortions due to Gravitational Lensing
City Clustering from Craigslist Posts
Classification of Honest and Deceitful Memory Using fMRI Data
Classification of Induction Signals for the EXO-200 Double Beta Decay Experiment
Classifying applications based on API consumption
Classifying Chess Positions
Classifying the subjective: Can music genres be reliably determined from lyrics?
Clustering by topological methods
Composer Identification of Digital Audio Modeling Content Specific Features Through Markov Models.
Creating a Texas Hold'Em Bot
Predicting Wallpaper Preferences
Crystal Ball through the Lens of Facebook
Dark Matter Detection
Deep Learning for Wireless Interference Segmentation and Prediction
Deep Learning for Time Series Modelling
Time Series analysis: the effect of adding an unsupervised layer to NN time series prediction
Deep Understanding of Financial Knowledge through Unsupervised Learning
Detecting Absorption of Solar Radiation By Clouds with Satellite Imagery Processing
Detecting Bad Wikipedia Edits
Detecting Dark Matter Halos
Detecting Peer-to-Peer Insults
Detecting vandalisms in Wikipedia edits
Detecting Wikipedia Vandalism
Detection of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator via Text Based Computer-Mediated Communication
Determining Behavior of Bid-Ask Prices Following Liquidity Shocks
Developing Fingerprints to Computationally Define Functional Brain Networks and Noise
Dining Scene Recognition Using Related Object Detection
Discovering Elite Users In Question and Answering Communities
Distinguishing Opinion From News
E-Commerce Product Categorization
Earthquake Waveform Recognition
Electronic Devices Products Sales Prediction Using Social Media Sentiment Analysis
Smart and Fast Email Sorting
Content aware email multi-class classification - Categorize emails according to senders
Employer Health Insurance Premium Prediction
Estimating Convergence Probability for the Hartree-Fock Algorithm for Calculating Electronic Wavefunctions for Molecules
Stochastic Control of Electric Vehicle Charging
Evaluating Classified Ad Effectiveness
Evaluation of Credit Risk
Event Extraction Using Distant Supervision
Evolution of Movie Topics over Time
Expected wind turbine load estimation based on the wind field joint pdf constructed using the mixture Gaussian-EM algorithm
Extracting Vocal Sources From Master Audio Recordings
Family History Detection from Clinical Text
Fast and Low-power OCR for the Blind
Financial Market Time Series Prediction with Recurrent Neural Networks
Stock Option Price Prediction
Good Cell, Bad Cell: Classification of Segmented Images for Suitable Quantification and Analysis
Handwritten Character Recognition in Ancient Manuscripts
How a Bill Becomes a Law - Predicting Votes from Legislation Text
How We Build
How well do people learn?
Human Activity Recognition in Videos
iDec: Real-time eye state classification via web cam
Identification and Compensation for Corrupt Sensor Data in Robotic Grasping
Applying Feature Selection to Gene Expression Data
Identifying Dark Matter Halos
Identifying External Vulnerability
Identifying Important Communications
Identifying Low-Quality YouTube Comments
Signal denoising via non linear manifolds
Imaggle Project - 3D Human Modelling
Incorporating Global Information into Local Upscaling of Fluid Flow in Porous Media
Intelligent Technology for Innovation in Urban Disasters
Interpolating images using non-linear dimensionality reduction
Song genre classification via training on segment chromas and MFCCs
Improvement of an automatic speech recognition toolkit
Kicked Car Prediction
Kinect gesture recognition and classification
Kinect Gesture Recognition for Interactive System
Topic Modeling using LDA with Feedback Mechanism
Lasso in Categorical Data
Learning Analytics for Learning to Program
Learning and Modeling Singer Error for QbH
Learning Descriptors for Shape Mapping
Learning Stochastic Inverses
The Learning Keyboard
Learning Static Parameters in Stochastic Processes
Learning to Decode Cognitive States of Rat using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Time Series
Learning to Detect Information Outbreaks in Social Networks
Learning to Play 2D Video Games
Learning to Predict Flight Delay
Learning to Recognize Objects in Images
Machine Learning an American Pastime
Machine Learning and Capri, a Commuter Incentive Program
Machine learning application on detecting nudity in images
Machine Learning Applied to Human Brain - Machine Interfaces
Jazz Melody Generation and Recognition
Magic: The Gathering Deck Performance Prediction
Malicious URL Detection
Maximizing Return on Direct Marketing Campaigns in Commercial Banking
Million Song Dataset Challenge
Movie rating estimation and recommendation
Movie Trailer Project
Multi Agent Learning in Simulated Bot-War
Music Preference Prediction
Music Recommender System
Music Classification by Composer
Negative News No More : Classifying News Article Headlines
Networks and Noise
Non-homogenous Swarms vs MDP's
Non-Stationary Covariance Models for Discontinuous Functions as Applied to Aircraft Design Problems
Observing Dark Worlds
Observing Dark Worlds
Observing Dark Worlds
Observing Dark Worlds
On and Off Pathways of Ganglion Cells in the Salamander Retina
Optimal Vehicle to Grid Regulation Service Scheduling
Optimal VTOL of SpaceX's Grasshopper
Forecasting trade direction and size of future contracts using deep belief network
Parallel learning of content recommendations using map-reduce
A Comparison of Keypoint Descriptors in the Context of Pedestrian Detection : FREAK vs SURF vs BRISK
Phishing Email Detection Using Neural Network
Predicting the 85th Academy Awards
Predicting Acceptance of Github Pull Requests
Predicting Airfare Prices
Identifying dementia in MRI scans using machine learning
Predicting Arm Movements in Virtual Environments
Predicting Bank Default from the Quarterly report
Predicting Congressional Bill Outcomes
Predicting Country of Origin from Genetic Data
Predicting Cycles in the Foreign Exchange Market
Predicting Epitopes for MHC Molecules
Predicting Fantasy Football Performance with Machine Learning Techniques
Predicting Fantasy Football Results
Predicting Flight Delays
Predicting Flight Delays
Predicting floods and droughts in India
Predicting Future Energy Consumption.
Predicting IMDB Movie Ratings Using Google Trends
Predicting Microfinance Participation in Indian Villages
Predicting Movie and TV Preferences from Facebook Profiles
Predicting NBA Player Performance
Predicting NSF Award Money from Abstracts
Predicting Patients with Diabetes Type II from EHR Data
Predicting Popular Xbox games based on Search Queries of Users
Predicting Reddit Post Popularity
Predicting retail website anomalies using Twitter data
Finding Meaning in New York City Public School Data
Predicting Career Paths of NBA Players
Predicting the Daily Liquidity of Corporate Bonds
Predicting the Odds of Getting Retweeted
Predicting the Outcome of Baseball Games
Predicting the Popularity of Social News Posts
Predicting the US Presidential Election using Twitter data
Predicting Transcription Factor Binding
Predicting U.S. president election result based on Google Insights
Predicting User Ratings Using Graphical Status Models on
Predicting Wine Prices from Wine Labels
Prediction of High-Cost Hospital Patients
Predictive Validity Of a Robotic-surgery Simulator
QWOP learning
Real-time reinforcement learning in traffic signal system
Recognizing Chatting Style
Recommendation of TV shows and Movies based on Facebook data
Recommendation System for HCD Connect
Recommendations for Reddit users
Recommending Movies and TV shows based on Facebook profile data
Reconstructing Broadcasts on Trees
Reinforcement Learning to Play Mario
Restaurant Recommendation for Facebook Users
Road Network Reconstruction Based on Taxi GPS Data
Road Sign Detection and Recognition
Sentiment Analysis of Users' Reviews and Comments
Separating Speech From Noise Challenge
Separation of speech from noise challenge.
Side Channel Cryptanalysis Using Machine Learning
Machine Learning in Pairs Trading Strategies
Simultaneous coclustering and learning with dimension reduction
Smart Music Rating Predictor
Speaker Recognition Using Deep Belief Networks
Speech And Noise Separation
Stay Alert! The Ford Challenge
Stay Alert! The Ford Challenge
Stock Market Forecasting Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Structural Learning for Web Design
Structural Health Monitoring Using Guided Ultrasonic Waves to Detect Damage in Composite Panels
Structure and Trends in a Selection of Academic Literature
Stylometry for Online Forums
Classifying Substance Abuse among young Teens
Reinforcement Learning of Taxi Driver Passenger-seeking Strategies
TB Treatment-Seeking Behavior
Text Detection And Recognition in Natural Images
Text Mining to Detect Insults in Online Discussion
That's Hot: Predicting Daily Temperature for Different Locations
The Perfect IHUM Essay
The Quest for Dark Matter
Thumbnail Extraction From Slide-Based Instructional Videos
Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster
Training Intelligent Stoplights
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Classification
Understanding The Effectiveness Of Bank Direct Marketing
Unsupervised detection of bad cloud nodes
User Review Rating Prediction
Can Song Lyrics Predict Genre?
Using Twitter Data to Predict Box Office Revenues
Using Twitter to Predict Voting Behavior
Verification and Classification of Law School Outlines
Voxel selection algorithms for fMRI
Wafer Spatial Signature Analysis
When Machine Learning Meets AI and Game Theory
Who got style?: Learning to recognize literary styles
Spoken Language Classification
Use of Machine Learning in Petroleum Production Optimization under Geological Uncertainty
Using Newspaper Sentiments to Predict Stock Movements
Creating TV/Movie Recommendations from Facebook Profile Information
Using Chemical Data to predict Wine Ratings
Accelerating Neuronal Genetic Research in C. elegans with Computer vision and Machine Learning
Pattern Recognition and Prediction in Equity Market

jazz: Automatic Music Genre Detection

2D Visualization of High-Dimensional Molecular Data from Single-Cell Mass Cytometry
2D Visualization of Immune System Cellular Protein Data by Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
Application of Classification Algorithms to Renaissance Music Attribution
An Adaptive Intelligence For Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold'em
A Kernel of Truth
An Ensemble Classifier for Rectifying Classification Error
Autonomous Hydrofoil Sailboat
Applying Machine Learning to Stock Market Trading
Astronomical Point Source Classication through Machine Learning
Applications of Machine Learning on Keyword Extraction of Large Datasets
Auto-associative Memory: The First Step in Solving Cocktail Party Problem
Author Gender Identification of English Novels
A Prediction System For Conversation Likeability On Anonymous Chat Networks
Automatic Product Classification and Clustering Solutions in a Retail Context
Analysis and Clustering of Musical Compositions using Melody-based Features
Astronomical Implications of Machine Learning
A Novel Method for Predicting the End-Price of eBay Auctions
A Predictor for Movie Success
Automated Human Gait Recognition
Auto-Tagging Piazza Posts
An SVM Based Analysis of US Dollar Strength
Assessing Opinion Mining in Stock Trading
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Prediction
Algorithmic Trading Using Machine Learning Techniques
Automated Essay Scoring Using Machine Learning
Applying Deep Learning to Enhance Momentum Trading Strategies in Stocks
A Machine Learning Approach to Webpage Content Exraction
Automated Recommendation Systems: Collaborative Filtering through Recommendation
Activity Classification with Smartphone Data
Alternate Equivalent Substitutes: Recognition of Synonyms Using Word Vectors
Accurate Redshift Estimation form Photometric Colors
Automatic Grouping for Social Networks
A Supervised Approach To Musical Chord Recognition
Automatic Colorization of Grayscale Images
Application of Graph Clustering on Scientific Papers Subject Classification
A Prediction Reference Model for Air Conditioning Systems in Commercial Buildings
Articles Tagging
Automatic Aesthetic Photo-Rating System
A Computational Model for Multi-Instrument Music Transcription
Above the Din: Identification of Human Voice in Noisy Signals
Attribution of Musical Works to Josquin des Prez
A Case for iPCA in Financial Forecasting
An Integrative Analysis of Anti-Cancer Drug Response
Beating the Streak: Predicting the MLB Players Most Likely to Get a Hit Each Day
Biometric ID, based on Phone Accelerometer usage
Better Diagnosing Narcolepsy
Bilingual Continuous Space Language Model
Building Fast Performance Models for x86 Code Sequences
Bartok: Music Time Period Classification
Building an Image-Based Shoe Recommendation System
Building Fast Performance Models for Loop-Free 64-bit x86 Code Sequences
Classifying Ephemeral vs Evergreen Content on the Web
Classifying Search Advertisers
Collaborative Filter Pre-processing for Improved Corrupted Image Classification
Classification of Fine Art Oil Paintings by Semantic Category
Clustering of State Vectors from CFD Simulations for Construction of Local Reduced-Order Models
Context based Re-ranking of Web Documents (CReWD)
Composer Style Attribution
Classification of Procedurally Generated Textures
Characterizing and Diagnosing Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy from ECG Data
Classification of Alzheimer's Patients Using Structural MRI Data
Classification of News Articles Using Named Entities with Named Entity Recognition by Neural Network
Composer Style Attribution
Cointerpretation of Flow Rate-Pressure-Temperature Data from Permanent Downhole Gauges
Classification of Mobile Device Accelerometer Data for Unique Activity Identification
Clustering Methods without Given Number of Clusters
Classification of Hand-Written Numeric Digits
Classifying News for Topic and Sentiment
Chess Game Result Prediction System
Chatous - Predicting the Quality of Users in Anonymous Chat
Crime Prediction using Businesses and Housing Values in San Francisco
Classification of Dengue fever outcomes from early transcriptional patterns
Classifying Identity Theft based on Victim Profiles
Classification of Electrocardiogram Anomalies
Counting Trees in Deforested Areas from Aerial Photographs
Does MMA Math Work? A Study on Sports Prediction Applied to Mixed Martial Arts
Determining Appliance Use From Power Draw Decomposition
Discriminative Ensemble Averaging for Accelerated Denoising
Distinguishing pathogenic vs. neutral nucleotide variants in Cystic Fibrosis and the CFTR gene
Determining the Gender of Shakespeare'™s Characters
Dynamic Feature Extraction from Molecular Mechanics Trajectories
Detection of Insults in Social Commentary
Detection of Landable Areas for Aerial Vehicles
Driver Identification by Driving Style
Detecting Web Pages with Events
Detecting Network Intrusions
Deep Learning Lane Detection for Autonomous Vehicle Localization
Decoding the Human Motor Cortex
Discovery of the Source of Contaminant Release
Discovering Evergreen Content on the Web
Decoding Neural Signals of Memory Reinstatement and Affective State
Deep Learning for Depth Learning
Deep Learning Benchmarks
Driving Behavior Improvement and Driver Recognition Based on Real-Time Driving Information
Dense Stereo Matching Using Machine Learning
Distinguishing Hard Instances of an NP-Hard Problem using Machine Learning
Detection of a Single Hand Shape in the Foreground of Still Images
Express Recognition Exploring Methods of Emotion Detection
Evaluating and Classifying NBA Free Agents
Ensemble Optical Character Recognition Systems via Machine Learning
Exploring Potential for Machine Learning on Dataset about K-12 Teacher Professional Development
Estimation of Inertial Parameters in Simulation
Extracting Emotions from News Headlines
Electrical Energy Modeling In Y2E2 Building Based On Distributed Sensors Information
Extracting vital signs from video
E-Commerce Transaction Anomaly Classification
Extending Cancer Cell Drug Response Models
Fusion arc treatment planning strategy by adaptive learning cost function based beam selection
Feature Investigation for Stock market Prediction
Finding economic groupings over time
Feature Selection In Biological Models
Feature Reduction for Unsupervised Learning
Forecasting the Direction and Strength of Stock Market Movement
Generating Load Profiles from Building Characteristics
Gaussian Process Based Image Segmentation and Object Detection in Pathology Slides
Generative Models of Music
Guiding Wind Farm Optimization with Machine Learning
Generating Sheet Music From Audio Files
Genome-Wide Predictions of Transcription Factor Binding Events using Multi- Dimensional Genomic and Epigenomic Features
Game ON! Predicting English Premier League Match Outcomes
HapBeer: A Beer Recommendation Engine
How Does He Saw Me? A Recommendation Engine for Picking Heroes in Dota 2
Hit or Flop: Box Office Prediction for Feature Films
How to prevent another financial crisis on Wall Street: Predicting the riskiness of real estate loans
Human Mobility Pattern Prediction Algorithm using Mobile Device Location and Time Data
Hong Kong Stock Index Forecasting
How To Prevent Another Financial Crisis On Wall Street
Identifying Phishing Attacks
Identifying Over-Valued Players in Fantasy Football
Identifying Tags from millions of text question
Improving Differential Diagnosis of Pathologically Similar Dermatological Conditions to Minimize Invasive Procedures
Is This A Joke?
Identifying Threats in Diplomatic Correspondence
Intensionality of Adjectives
Image Object Classification
Investigating the Variables that Influence Online Learning
Identify Keywords for Stack Exchange Questions
Identify a Car'€™s Driver from Driving Behavior
Identifying Demonstrative Lovers in Tango Texting App
Inheritance Relationships in Vernacular Hip Hop Music
Identify a Vehicle and its Driver from the Vehicle's Maneuver Data
Image Classification
Incorporating Known Pathways into Gene Clustering Algorithms for Genetic Expression Data
Identifying Gas Savings from Driver Behavior
Identifying Thyroid Carcinoma Subtypes and Outcomes through Gene Expression Data
Identification of Parameters Predictive of Chromosomally Normal Embryos
Keyword Extraction and Semantic Tag Prediction
Keystroke Rhythm and Intensity as Biometrics for User ID
Keyword Extraction for Stack Exchange Questions
Learning Systems Based Automated Proposal Evaluation
Learning How to Pick Singles for Pop Stardom
Large-scale Social Tag Prediction
Learning Predictive Filters
Large-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition with Linguistic Features for Deep Learning
Learning to identify antonyms
Learning to Predict Disengagement in Educational iPad Application
Learning Game Playing Strategy for Durak
Live Handwriting Recognition Using Language Semantics
Listen to Your Heart: Stress Prediction Using Consumer Heart Rate Sensors
Learning to Predict Image Affects in Social Networks
Learning Convention Propagation in BeerAdvocate Reviews from a Network Perspective
Literature Search Made Easy
Learning to Play like an Othello Master
Learning to Identify Winning Stocks
Learning Dow Jones From Twitter Sentiment
Learning Multi-Label Topic Classification of News Articles
Learning Characteristics of Smartphone Users from Accelerometer and Gyroscope Data
Lane Markings From Satellite
Movie Recommendations from User Ratings
Model reconnaissance: discretization, naive Bayes and maximum-entropy
Max-Margin Models for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
Modeling Strategic Information Sharing in Indian Villages
Machine Learning Final Report Identifying Driving Behavior from Data
Musical Instrument Extraction through Timbre Classification
Machine-Assisted Performance Optimization of Legion Applications
Multi-label Classification and Prediction of Tags for Online Platform Questions
Multitask clustering of genes in different tissue types using Sparse PCA
Measuring Tissue Contact Force for Continuum Robot
Multitask Clustering of Genes in Different Cell Types
Musical Instrument Modeling and Classification
Machine Learning in Stock Price Trend Forecasting
Music Genre Classification and Variance Comparison on Number of Genres
Machine Learning Techniques for Quantifying Characteristic Geological Feature Difference
Maximizing Precision of Hit Predictions in Baseball
Machine Learning Techniques for Optimal Sampling-Based Motion Planning
Method to Suggest Similar API Calls Across Languages and Frameworks
Music Genre Classification
Mapping Text Phrases to Complex Logical Forms for Semantic Parsing: Exploring Named Entity Recognition
Move Ranking in Arimaa
Machine Learning Classification of Kidney and Lung Cancer Types
Modeling Function word errors in DNN-HMM based LVCSR systems
Machine Learning as a Tool for MicroRNA Analysis
Musical Structure in Irish Traditional Tunes
Network models to improve drug-ADE prediction
Occlusion robust pose and model estimation using Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model on GPU
Optimizing Public Transit
Object Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks
Optimizer for Floating-Point Unit Generator
Optimizing Hotel Ranking for Higher Purchase Rates
Predicting Recessions: Forecasting US GDP Growth through Supervised Learning
Personalized Web Search Ranking
Predictions on Kaggle
Probabilistic Record Matching
Predicting housing price
Parity and Predictability in the National Football League
Predicting Stack Exchange Tags
Predicting Gold Prices
Predicting SeeClickFix Issue Importance
Predicting How Many Citations an Academic Paper Will Receive
Performance of Different Algorithms on Clustering Molecular Dynamics Trajectories
Prediction of outcomes in mild TBI in the NTDB
Prediction of NYC Restaurant Health Inspection Results
Predicting Virtual Markets
Predicting semantic features from CT images of liver lesions using deep learning
Predicting User Quality in Anonymous Chat Networks
Polyphonic Piano Transcription
Prediction of User Intent to Reply to Incoming Emails
Prediction of Cell Line Sensitivity to Cancer Drugs
Predict Foreground Object in Still Image
Predicting daily incoming solar energy from weather data
Prediction of total daily incoming solar energy based on weather models
Pedestrian Detection Using Structured SVM
Predicting Gene Function and Localization
Predicting Corporate 8-K Content Using Machine Learning Techniques
Predicting Short Term Stock Returns
Personalized Web Search Re-ranking
Physical model improvement through support vector regression
Predicting gas usage as a function of driving behavior
Predicting Movie Box Office Gross
Predicting the Betting Line in NBA Games
Predicting Malicious Users on Anonymous Chat Networks
Party Predictor: Predicting Political Affiliation
Predicting Answer Quality Using Post and Domain-Based User Information
Predicting Texas Holdem Hand Strength
Probabilistic Token Selection via Fisher's Method in Text Classification
Predicting Societal and Economic Impact of Future Natural Disasters
Predicting Property Loan Spread Using Segmented Linear Model
Predicting the Major League Baseball Season
Predicting Conversational Likability On Anonymous Chat Networks
Predicting flight on-time performance
Predicting x86 Program Runtime for Intel Processor
Predicting Tags for StackOverflow Questions
Parsing Domain WhoIs Information with Different Patterns Using One Generic Parser
Personalized Expedia Hotel Searches
Phonation Detection System
Predicting Time Spent with Physician
Prediction using Prospect Theory
Reconstructing non-intrusively collected keystroke data using cellphone sensors
Real-World Material Recognition for Scene Understanding
Regressing Loan Spread for Properties in the New York Metropolitan Area
Reminiscing Through Personal Email
Relevanseek: Determining relevant images from HTML source
Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Symbols with PHOG Features
Ranking Web Search Results Using Personal Preferences
Rank-Restricted Full Configuration Interaction
Recognition and Classification of human Embryonic Stem (hES) Cells€™ Differentiation Level
Reinforcement learning for bicycle control
Relative Permeability Measurement in Rock Fractures
Reveal Hidden Information in the Music Scores: Composer Attribution
Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Routing of Autonomous Vehicles in Congested Networks
Rank Hotels on to Maximize Purchases
Reconstruction of human voice for impersonation
Sorting Forum Responses by Relevance to Original Post
String Regularization
Sentiment Analysis of App Store Reviews
SMS Spam Detection using Machine Learning Approach
Sentiment Analysis on Email Archives using Deep Learning
Sentiment Analysis of Tweets: Baselines and Neural Network Models
Scalable Deep Learning for Image Classification with K-Means and SVM
Speech Recognition Using Deep Learning Algorithms
Should Monetary Policy Target Bubbles? - A Machine Learning Perspective
See Click Predict Fix
Solving differential equations using neural networks
Structural Patterns in Translation
Strategies for Better Sleep Spindle Detection
Sentiment Causation Extraction
Supervised Learning Methods for Vision Based Road Detection
Safe Path Recommender: Using Crime Statistics
StumbleUpon Evergreen Classification Challenge
Supervised classification-based stock prediction and portfolio optimization
Synthesizing images with out-of-plane transformations using stereo images
Subhalo Prediction for Dark Matter Halos
Tracing Trends in Academic Interests
TapDynamics: Strengthening User Authentication on Mobile Phones with Keystroke Dynamics
Transgene flow risk analysis
The Use of Smart Meter Data to Forecast Electricity Demand
The Recipe Learner
Twitter's Effectiveness on Blackout Detection d"

ring Hurricane Sandy

TF-IDF Chat User Clustering

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

TCF21 Binding Sites Characterization using Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Towards Urban Vehicle Autonomy: Estimating Urban Congestion from Taxi Pickups and Deliveries

The Next Generation's Personal File System Management

Using Undirected Graphs to Guide Mutli-label Text Classification

Using machine learning to enhance a collaborative filtering recommendation system for Yelp

Using Twitter To Gauge News Effect on Stock Market Moves

Use of Texture Classification To Quantify Stem Cell Differentiation During Time Lapse Imaging

Unsupervised Corpus Partitioning of a Large Scale Search Engine

Upset Prediction in College Football

Using Low-Cost Remote Sensing Data to Detect Building Collapse in Post-Earthquake Environments

Unsupervised Approaches to Detecting Anomalous Behavior in the Bitcoin Transaction Network

Using Tweets to Predict the Stock Market

Using Machine Learning to Teach a Computer to Play Backgammon

Validity of User Reports in a Chat Network

Validating User Spam Reports in Chat Networks

W vs. QCD Jet Tagging at the Large Hadron Collider

Whisky Recommender

What Will Be Your Favorite Song? Let Me Tell You!

Waiting for a Sign: An Unsupervised Pipeline for Sign Language Recognition

Web Content Extraction Through Machine Learning

Whose Book is it Anyway? Using Machine Learning to Identify the Author of Unknown Texts

Yelp Food Recommendation System

€œI'm different yeah I'm different: Classifying Rap Lyrics by Artist

Nonlinear Reconstruction of Genetic Networks Implicated in AML

Can Machines Learn Genres

Identifying Gender FromFacial Features

Equation to LaTeX

Intensity prediction using DYFI

Artificial Intelligence on the Final Frontier - Using Machine Learning to Find New Earths

Life Expectancy Post Thoracic Surgery

Making Sense of the Mayhem- Machine Learning and March Madness

Better Reading Levels through Machine Learning

What are People Saying about Net Neutrality

Bird Species Identification from an Image

Stay Alert

A bigram extension to word vector representation

Mining for Confusion - Classifying Affect in MOOC Learners' Discussion Forum Posts

Cardiac Arrhythmias Patients

Prediction of Average and Perceived Polarity in Online Journalism

Cardiac Dysrhythmia Detection with GPU-Accelerated Neural Networks

Nicolas Sanchez Ruck Those Stats!

Classifying Wikipedia People Into Occupations

Classification of Soil Contamination

Automated Essay Grading

Relative and absolute equity return prediction using supervised learning

Seizure Prediction from Intracranial EEG Recordings

Predicting Seizure Onset with Intracranial Electroencephalogram(EEG) Data

Classifying Complex Legal Documents

Machine Learning Applied to the Detection of Retinal Blood Vessels

Survival Outcome Prediction for Cancer Patients

Predicting Cellular Link Failures to Improve User Experience on Smartphones

Yelp Personalized Reviews


Strength in numbers_ Modelling the impact of businesses on each other

Correlation Based Multi-Label Classification

Landmark Recognition Using Machine Learning

CarveML an application of machine learning to file fragment classification


Using Vector Representations to Augment Sentiment Analysis Training Data

What Project Should I Choose

Analyzing Vocal Patterns to Determine Emotion

Predicting the Commercial Success of Songs Based on Lyrics and Other Metrics

Application Of Machine Learning To Aircraft Conceptual Design

Extracting Word Relationships from Unstructured Data

Machine Learning for Predicting Delayed Onset Trauma Following Ischemic Stroke

Classifying Online User Behavior Using Contextual Data

Real Time Flight Path Optimization Under Constraints Using Surrogate Flutter Function

Real-Time Dense Map Matching with Naive Hidden Markov Models Delay versus Accuracy

Prediction Function from Sequence in Venom Peptide Families

Restaurant Recommendation System

Home Electricity Load Forecasting

Learning Dota 2 Team Compositions

Applying Deep Learning to derive insights about non-coding regions of the genome

Classification of Higgs Jets as Decay Products of a Randall-Sundrum Graviton at the ATLAS Experiment


Sentiment Analysis Using Semi-Supervised Recursive Autoencoders and Support Vector Machines

Classifying Syllables in Imagined Speech using EEG Data

Abraham Starosta-Typeguess

Predicting Usefulness of Yelp Reviews

Predicting Soccer Results in the English Premier League

Detecting Heart Abnormality using ECG with CART

Down and Dirty with Data

Hierarchical Classification of Amazon Products

Predicting high-risk countries for political instability and conflict

Machine Learning Implementation in live-cell tracking

Any Given Sunday

P300 Error Detection

Automated Canvas Analysis for Painting Conservation

Office Appliance Classification

Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews

Predicting Mobile Application Success

Modeling Activity Recognition Using Physiological Data Collected from Wearable Technology

Neural Network Joint Language Model

Yelp Recommendation System Using Advanced Collaborative Filtering

Prediction of Yelp Review Star Rating using Sentiment Analysis

Classification of Bad Accounts in Credit Card Industry

Classification Of Musical Playing Styles

Email Filtering By Response Required

Forecasting Utilization in City Bike-Share Program


Predicting Cell Type-Specific Chromatin States from Genetic Regulatory Networks

Pose Estimation Based on 3D Models

Visual Localization and POMDP for Autonomous Indoor Navigation

Contours and Kernels-The Art of Sketching

Indoor Positioning System Using Wifi Fingerprint

Predicting air pollution level in a specific city

Prediction of Transcription Factors that Regulate Common Binding Motifs

Multi-class motif discovery in keratinocyte differentiation

Defensive Unit Performance Analysis

Diagnosing Malignant versus Benign Breast Tumours via Machine Learning Techniques in High Dimensions

Hacking the Hivemind

Diagnosing Parkinson's from Gait

Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms on GPUs for Real-Time Traffic Sign Classification


Machine Learning In JavaScript

Searching for exoplanets in the Kepler public data

Model Clustering via Group Lasso

Improving Positron Emission Tomography Imaging with Machine Learning

Algorithmic Trading of Futures via Machine Learning

Topic based comments exploration for online articles

Personal Legal Counsellor and Interpreter of the Law via Machine Learning

Personalized Web Search

Detecting Ads in a Machine Learning Approach

Predicting Mitochondrial tRNA Modification

Collaborative Neighborhoods

Estimation of Causal Effects from Observational Study of Job Training Program

Deep Learning Architecture for Univariate Time Series Forecasting


Automatic detection of nanoparticles in tissue sections

Implementation of Deep Convolutional NeuralNet on a DSP

Evergreen or Ephemeral - Predicting Webpage Longevity Through Relevancy Features


Extractive Fiction Summarization Using Sentence Significance Scoring Models

Identifying And Predicting Market Reactions To Information Shocks In Commodity Markets

An EM-Derived Approach to Blind HRTF Estimation

The Many Dimensions of Net Neutrality

Learning To Predict Dental Caries For Preschool Children

Information based feature selection

Identifying Elephant Vocalizations

Predicting Protein Fragment Binding

Bike Share Usage Prediction in London

Localized Explicit Semantic Analysis

Robo Brain Massive Knowledge Base for Robots

Understanding Music Genre Similarity

Correlated Feature Selection for Single-Cell Phenotyping

Activity Recognition in Construction Sites Using 3D Accelerometer and Gyrometer

Event-based stock market prediction

Recommendation Based On User Experience

Spectrum Adaptation in Multicarrier Interference Channels

Exploring Potential for Machine Learning on Data About K-12 Teacher Professional Development

Player Behavior and Optimal Team Compositions for Online Multiplayer Games

Algorithmic Trading Strategy Based On Massive Data Mining

Face Detection And Recognition Of Drawn Characters

Gene Expression Analysis Of HCMV Latent Infection

A New Kalman Filter Method

Using Tweets for single stock price prediction

Classification of Human Posture and Movement Using Accelerometer Data

Naïve Bayes Classifier And Profitability of Options Gamma Trading

Vector-based Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews

A General-Purpose Sentence-Level Nonsense Detector

Characterizing Genetic Variation in Three Southeast Asian Populations

Machine Learning for the Smart Grid

Predicting Africa Soil Properties

Automated Bitcoin Trading via Machine Learning Algorithms


Tradeshift Text Classification

New York City Bike Share

Predicting Seizure Onset in Epileptic Patients Using Intercranial EEG Recordings

Predicting Foster Care Exit

Yelp Recommendation System

Predicting National Basketball Association Game Winners

Predicting Yelp Ratings From Business and User Characteristics

Predicting Popularity of Pornography Videos

Accurate Campaign Targeting Using Classification Algorithms

Forecasting Bike Rental Demand

Predicting User Following Behavior On Tencent Weibo

Improving Taxi Revenue With Reinforcement Learning

Learning Facial Expressions From an Image

All Your Base Are Belong To Us English Texts Written by Non-Native Speakers

Identifying Regions High Turbidity

A Comparison of Classification Methods for Expression Quantitative Trait Loci

Predicting Mobile Users Future Location

Machine Learning Madness

Semi-Supervised Learning For Sentiment Analysis

Legal Issue Spotting

A novel way to Soccer Match Prediction

Morphological Galaxy Classification

Predicting Helpfulness Ratings of Amazon Product Reviews

Predicting Course Completions For Online Courses

An Adaptive System For Standardized Test Preparation

Single Molecule Biophysics Machine Learning For Automated Data Processing

Understanding Comments Submitted to FCC on Net Neutrality

Direct Data-Driven Methods for Decision Making under Uncertainty

From Food To Wine

Classifying Legal Questions into Topic Areas Using Machine Learning

Predicting Hit Songs with MIDI Musical Features

Machine Learning Methods for Biological Data Curation

Classifying Forest Cover Type using Cartographic Features

Peer Lending Risk Predictor

Learning Distributed Representations of Phrases

Estimation Of Word Representations Using Recurrent Neural Networks And Its Application In Generating Business Fingerprints

Gender Identification by Voice

Applications Of Machine Learning To Predict Yelp Ratings

Methodology for Sparse Classification Learning Arrhythmia

Predicting March Madness

Net Neutrality Language Analysis

Characterizing Atrial Fibrillation Burden for Stroke Prevention

Predict Seizures in Intracranial EEG Recordings

Automated Music Track Generation

Characterizing Overlapping Galaxies

Understanding Player Positions in the NBA

Cross-Domain Product Classification with Deep Learning

Predicting Heart Attacks

Prediction of Bike Sharing Demand for Casual and Registered Users

Classification Of Arrhythmia Using ECG Data

What Can You Learn From Accelerometer Data

Speaker Recognition for Multi-Source Single-Channel Recordings

Prediction of consumer credit risk

Machine Learning for Network Intrusion Detection

Predicting Paper Counts in the Biological Sciences

Prediction of Price Increase for MTG Cards

Twitter Classification into the Amazon Browse Node Hierarchy

Determining Mood From Facial Expressions

Visualizing Personalized Cancer Risk Prediction

Predicting the Total Number of Points Scored in NFL Games

Short Term Power Forecasting Of Solar PV Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques

Star-Galaxy Separation in the Era of Precision Cosmology

Artist Attribution via Song Lyrics

Accelerometer Gesture Recognition

Arrythmia Classification for Heart Attack Prediction

ML#NLP-Autonomous Tagging Of Stack Overflow Posts

Scheduling Tasks Under Constraints

Classification Of Beatles Authorship

Classification of Accents of English Speakers by Native Language

Exposing commercial value in social networks matching online communities and businesses

Hacking the genome

How Hot Will It Get Modeling Scientific Discourse About Literature

Permeability Prediction of 3-D Binary Segmented Images Using Neural Networks

Automated Identification of Artist Given Unknown Paintings and Quantification of Artistic Style

Predicting Lecture Video Complexity

Result Prediction of Wikipedia Administrator Elections based ondNetwork Features

Predicting The Treatment Status

Error Detection based on neural signals

Speech Similarity

Data-Driven Modeling and Control of an Autonomous Race Car

Predicting the Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Using Electronic Medical Records

A Novel Approach to Predicting the Results of NBA Matches

Automatically Generating Musical Playlists

Solar Flare Prediction

Application of machine learning techniques for well pad identification inathe Bakken oil fielda

Anomaly Detection in Bitcoin Network Using Unsupervised Learning Methods

Two-step Semi-supervised Approach for Music Structural Classificiation

Domain specific sentiment analysis using cross-domain data

Instrumental Solo Generator

Cross-Domain Text Understanding in Online SocialData

From Paragraphs to Vectors and Back Again


Chemical Identification with Chemical Sensor Arrays

Genre Classification Using Graph Representations of Music

Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Detecting The Direction Of Sound With A Compact Microphone Array

Finding Undervalued Stocks With Machine Learning

Multilevel Local Search Algorithms for Modularity Clustering

Automated Detection and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Predicting Kidney Cancer Survival From Genomic Data

Multiclass Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews

Classification and Regression Approaches to Predicting US Senate Elections

Learning from Quantified Self Data

Predict Influencers in the Social Network

Bias Detector

Constructing Personal Networks Through Communication History

Modeling Protein Interactions Using Bayesian Networks

Topic Analysis of the FCC's Public Comments on Net Neutrality

Predicting Hospital Readmissions

Analyzing Positional Play in Chess Using Machine Learning

Yelp Restaurants' Open Hours

Identifying Arrhythmia from Electrocardiogram Data

Diagnosing and Segmenting Brain Tumors and Phenotypes using MRI Scans

Exploring the Genetic Basis of Congenital Heart Defects

Attribution of Contested and Anonymous Ancient Greek Works

Object Detection for Semantic SLAM using Convolutional Neural Networks

Sentiment as a Predictor of Wikipedia Editor Activity

Blowing Up The Twittersphere- Predicting the Optimal Time to Tweet

Evergreen Classification_ Exploring New Features

Detecting Lane Departures Using Weak Visual Features

Re-clustering of Constellations through Machine Learning

Application of Neural Network In Handwriting Recognition

Recognition and Classification of Fast Food Images

Reduced Order Greenhouse Gas Flaring Estimation

Blood Pressure Detection from PPG

Predicting Low Voltage Events on Rural Micro-Grids in Tanzania

Amazon Employee Access Control System_Updated_Version

Prediction Onset Epileptic

Evaluating Pinch Quality of Underactuated Robotic Hands

Reinforcement Learning With Deeping Learning in Pacman

Language identification and accent variation detection in spoken language recordings

Enhancing Cortana User Experience Using Machine Learning

Who Matters

Predicting Heart Attacks

Predicting Seizures in Intracranial EEG Recordings

Structural Health Monitoring in Extreme Events from Machine Learning Perspective

On-line Kernel Learning for Active Sensor Networks

ECommerce Sales Prediction Using Listing Keywords

Review Scheduling for Maximum Long-Term Retention of Knowledge

Adaptive Spaced Repetition

Do a Barrel Roll

Oil Field Production using Machine Learning

Predicting Success for Musical Artists through Network and Quantitative Data

Better Models for Prediction of Bond Prices

Classifying the Brain 27s Motor Activity via Deep Learning

Prediction of Bike Rentals

Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Based on White Matter Attributes

MoralMachines- Developing a Crowdsourced Moral Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Decisions

Context Specific Sequence Preference Of DNA Binding Proteins

Predicting Reddit Post Popularity ViaInitial Commentary

Machine Learning for Continuous Human Action Recognition

Predicting Pace Based on Previous Training Runs

Probabilistic Driving Models and Lane Change Prediction

Multiple Sensor Indoor Mapping Using a Mobile Robot

Bone Segmentation MRI Scans

Rechorder Anticipating Music Motifs In Real Time

Prediction and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia

Predicting DJIA Movements from the Fluctuation of a Subset of Stocks

Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews

Mood Detection with Tweets

Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis

Object Recognition in Images

3D Scene Retrieval from Text

Predicting Breast Cancer Survival Using Treatment and Patient Factors

Parking Occupancy Prediction and Pattern Analysis

Supervised DeepLearning For MultiClass Image Classification

User Behaviors Across Domains

Seizure forecasting

Stock Trend Prediction with Technical Indicators using SVM

Predicting Usefulness of Yelp Reviews

Obstacles Avoidance with Machine Learning Control Methods in Flappy Birds Setting

Yelp User Rating Prediction

Demand Prediction of Bicycle Sharing Systems

Facial Keypoints Detection

Is Beauty Really In The Eye Of The Beholder

Sentiment Analysis of Yelp's Ratings Based on Text Reviews

Multiclass Classifier Building with Amazon Data to Classify Customer Reviews into Product Categories

An Energy Efficient Seizure Prediction Algorithm

Classifier Comparisons On Credit Approval Prediction

Appliance Based Model for Energy Consumption Segmentation

analysis on 1s1r array

Your Next Personal Trainer

Sign Language Recognition using Temporal Classification

Blind Audio Source Separation Pipeline and Algorithm Evaluation

Smart Adaptive Sampling for Photorealistic Rendering: Learning Samplers for Monte Carlo Ray Tracing

Prediction of Post-Collegiate Earnings

Playing Tetris with Genetic Algorithms

Learning with Difference of Gaussian Features in the 3D Segmentation of Glioblastoma Brain Tumors

Improved Search for Explore Courses

Landslides Susceptibility Mapping In Nepal Using Spatial Feature Vectors

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Flappy Bird

Activity Recognition Using Cell Phones

College Football Bowl Predictor

Condition Monitoring Using Accelerometer Readings

Draft Kings and Queens

Finding the Optimal Fantasy Football Team

Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Devices Sensor Data

Human Activity Recognition: Accelerometers Unveil Your Actions

Identifying injury-inducing factors in baseball pitchers

Localization Through Wireless Access Point Channel State Information

Machine Learning for Daily Fantasy Football Quarterback Selection

Predicting Final Scores of Major League Baseball Games

Predicting Momentum Streaks in the NBA

Predicting Optimal Game Day Fantasy Football Teams

Predicting Short-Range Displacements From Sensor Data

Predicting Win Percentage and Winning Features of NBA Teams

Sign Language Recognition using Temporal Classification

Using Pre-NBA Data to Predict Early NBA Career Success

Win Some Learn Some

A Soundhound for the sound of hounds

Acoustic Texture Classification

Automatic Playlist Generation

Automatic Rhythmic Notation from Single-Voice Audio Sources

Blind Audio Source Separation Pipeline and Algorithm Evaluation

Classification of Irish and Scandinavian Folk Music by Dance Type

Clustering Bach chorale melodies

Clustering Music by Genres

Electric Guitar Pickups Recognition

Experimenting with Algorithmic Composition Techniques

For-TUNE teller

How Fire is Your Mixtape?

Intelligent Rapid Voice Recognition Using Neural Tensor Networks Support Vector Machines and Reinforcement Learning
Learning Instrument Identification

Machine Learning in Automatic Music Chords Generation

Melody Extraction from Generic Audio Clips

Offline Music Recommendation

Predicting Musical Eras of Songs

Predicting Song Popularity

Predicting a Song's Path and Success Through the Billboard Hot 100

SpeakerTagger: a Speaker Diarization System

Spectral Transition-Based Playlist Prediction

Speech to Song Classification

Spoken Character Recognition

Top 100 Song Classifier

3D model classification using convolutional neural network

Automated Image Artifact Identification in Dark Energy Survey CCD Exposures

Automatic Image Colorization

Calorie Estimation from Food Images

Classification of Novel Genres by Cover and Title

Classification of photographic images based on perceived aesthetic quality

Classifying Non-Manual Markers in American Sign Language

Dynamic Eye Gaze Tracking and Prediction for Foveated Rendering and Retinal Blur

Emotion Calssification on Face Images

Eyes around the world - Learning to alert and cluster live webcams

Facial Keypoint Detection

FarmX: Leaf based disease identification in farms

Finding Poverty in Satellite Images

From Grayscale to Color: Digital Image Colorization using Machine Learning

Generating Motion Capture Animation for Arbitrary Rigs

Handwritten Digit Recognition through Unsupervised Learning

Learning of visualization of object recognition features and image reconstruction

Learning to recognize English sentence

Matching Handwriting With Its Author

Object Classification Using RGB-D Data for Vision Aids

Object classification for autonomous vehicle navigation of Stanford campus

Pedestrian Detection with RCNN

Photo aesthetics evaluation system: an application of CNN and SVM

Planet Labels - How do we use our earth?

Smart Adaptive Sampling for Photorealistic Rendering: Learning Samplers for Monte Carlo Ray Tracing

Spacecraft Navigation in Cluttered Dynamic Environments Using 3D Lidar

User Demographics and Profile Pictures as a Predictor of Attractiveness in AI Meets Online Dating Online Dating Profiles

Using CNNs to Estimate Depth from Stereo Imagery

Vision-Based Hand Hygiene Monitoring in Hospitals

Whale Detection & Identification from Aerial Photography

What can we learn from a movie's color?

What's your Type? Personalized Predictions of Facial Attractiveness

Your Next Personal Trainer

A pairs trading strategy for GS/MS using machine learning

Anonymous Marketplace Vendor Exit Scam Detection

Are you open?

Credit Estimation for Chinese Construction Companies

Discriminative market price model for Magic: The Gathering cards based on card mechanics

Examining Long-Term Trends in Company Fundamentals Data

Exploring Commodity and Stock Volatility using Topic Modeling on Historical News Articles -- Application to Crude Oil Prices

Exploring the Structure of Private Foundations

Financial Magic

Forecast sales using store promotion and competitor data

Forecasting Drug Store Sales Using Machine Learning Techniques

Forecasting Rossmann Store sales using store promotion and competitor data in machine learning techniques
Gradient Boosting Trees to Predict Store Sales

How can machine learning help stock investment?

KPI-Driven Predictive ML Models Approach Towards Municipal Budgeting Optimization

Long-Short Strategy Using Bank Analysts Recommendations

Multifaceted Predictive Algorithms in Commodity Markets

Portfolio Recommendation System

Predicting Default Rate of a Lending Club User

Predicting Financial Market Stability Using News and Google Trends Data

Predicting Future Employment Productivity and Income
Predicting Intraday Market Volatility Using Macroeconomic Headline News

Predicting Movie Revenue from Pre-Release Data

Predicting Rossman Store Sales

Predicting Short-term Market Response to Liquidity Shocks

Predicting Stock Prices through Textual Analysis of Web News

Predicting Student Earnings After College

Predicting Valuations of Venture Capital-backed Private Companies

Predicting business ratings on Yelp

Predicting political ideology using campaign finance data

Prediction of Airline Ticket Price

Prediction of Post-Collegiate Earnings

Prediction of Time of Peak Exchange Rate

Rossman Store Sales Prediction

Rossmann Store Sales Prediction

Rossmann Time Series

Rossmann store sales quantity prediction

Sales Prediction for Rossmann Drug Stores

Sales Prediction with Time Series Modeling

Short Term Price Prediction in Financial Markets

Using Decision Tree to predict repeat customers

Using machine learning for medium frequency derivative portfolio trading

A Personalized Company Recommender System for Job Seekers

A study of ensemble methods in machine learning

An Application of Machine Learning to Native Advertisements

Analyzing Donations to 2016 Presidential Candidates

Bitcoin UTXO Lifespan Prediction

Can Machines Recognize Expertise?

Crime classification and prediction in San Francisco city

Gimme Food by The Yelping Stones

Incorporating Nesterov Momentum into Adam

ML in Network Intrusion Detection

Machine Hound: Following an olfactory trail

Machine Learning Applied to Visual Odometry

Machine Learning Equalization Techniques for High Speed PAM4 Fiber Optic Communication Systems


Modeling MOOC Dropouts

Neighborhood and Review Score Prediction for Airbnb Listings

Online Detection of Code Reuse Attacks

Playing Tetris with Genetic Algorithms

Plead or Pitch? Predicting the Performance of Kickstarter Campaigns

Predict Employees' Computer Access Needs in Company

Predicting A Student's Performance

Predicting Bill Passage

Predicting Bill Votes in the House of Representatives

Predicting Congressional Bill Outcomes

Predicting Recidivism

Predicting Roles in "The Resistance" Board Game

Predicting Running Ability from Race History

Predicting Wine Varietals from Reviews

Predicting a Happier Place

Predicting quality of wine based on chemical attributes

Predicting winning rate of DotA2 games

Prediction algorithm for crime recidivism

Quantifying decision impact in MOBA games

Recognizing network traces of various web services

Recommendation System Leveraging Heterogeneity of Relationsin a Social Network

RoboCop: Crime Classification and Prediction in San Francisco

Robust Streaming Video Traffic Classification

Service Capacity Estimation Through Telemetry Analysis

SocialSense: Quantifying Social Media Linkage and Malicious Intent Across the Web

Top-Rated Series Characterization and Audience Rating Prediction

Using Facebook Profiles to Predict Sexual Orientation

What makes a good muffin?

Advanced machine learning techniques for thyroid cancer diagnosis

Advanced machine learning techniques for thyroid cancer diagnosis

Automated Pathology through Machine Learning

Automating Neurological Disease Diagnosis Using Structural MR Brain Scan Features

Biomarker identification for early-stage diabetes diagnosis in mice liver cells

Classication of Behavioral Decision using Pre-decision Neural Activity

Classification of High Grade vs Low Grade GBM Tumor

Classifications of Subject Motion for Improved Reconstruction of Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Computer aided detection of endolymphatic hydrops to aid the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease

Data fusion for predicting cancer survival

Detecting gene-by-environment interaction in coronary artery disease

Determination of cell types in Chicken utricle

Diagnosing Type II Diabetes

Doctor Bayes

ECG R-R Interval Estimation

Identifying Cardiomyocytes from Acoustic Measurements

Kernel learning framework for cancer subtype analysiswith multi-omics data integration

Learning the topology of the genome from protein-DNA interactions

Learning with Difference of Gaussian Features in the 3D Segmentation of Glioblastoma Brain Tumors

Machine Learning Classifier for Preoperative Diagnosis of Benign Thyroid Nodules

Medical Record Understanding

Medical image retrieval from 3D lesion content

Methods for Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes

Needle Tumor Puncture Detection Using a Force and Position Sensor

Predicting Corporate Influence Cascades In Health Care Communities

Predicting ecological traits from fungal genomes

Predicting the progression of the ALS disease in Patients

Prediction of clinical outcomes in breast invasive carcinoma using omics data

Reducing False Arrhythmia Alarms in the Intensive Care Unit

Scanning probe microscopy based on reinforcement learning

Techniques for Local Ancestry Inference in Admixed Populations

The Price is Right? Estimating Medical Costs with Machine Learning

Thyroid Dysfunction: Prediction and Diagnostics

Tracing SPN dendritic branches and classifying their neuronal inputs

Unsupervised Learning for Analyzing Brain Tumors

Unsupervised learning of emergent structure in simulated neural data

Using DNA methylation to predict white blood cells frequencies in tumor tissue samples

Using Spectral Clustering to Sample Molecular States and Pathways

A Movie Recommender System from Tweets Data

A Personal Conversational Model

Algorithmic Trading of Cryptocurrency Based on Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Analysis on Yelp User Preference

Anomaly Detection in Lengthy Legal Documents

Application of Deep Learning in Yelp Review Analysis

Application of Unsupervised Learning For Business Segmentation Using Yelp Data

Applying adversarial examples to text classification of natural language

Assessing and Implementing Automated News Classification Algorithms

Autoranking Amazon Reviews

Autotagging and Evaluating Text Relevance

Building an AI for the Wikipedia Game

Clustering a Customer Base Using Twitter Data

Contextual Code Completion

Cuisine Classification from Ingredients

Detecting Sarcasm In Text: An Obvious Solution to a Trivial Problem

Divergent Recommendations for Yelp Users

Don't Feed the Trolls: Insult Detection on Online Communities

Drug and Chemical Compound Named Entity Recognition using Convolutional Networks

Extracting keywords from emails using distributed word vectors

Fast Tree-Structured Recursive Neural Networks

Feature Engineering on Machine Comprehension

Finding Influencers within Fuzzy Topics on Twitter

How well does language-based community detection work for Reddit?

Improved Search for Explore Courses

Language Identification from Text Documents

Learning to Rank Comments Within Subreddit Submissions

Machine Learning Methods for News Popularity Prediction

Multiclass Emotion Analysis of Social Media Posts

Named Entity Recognition and Classification using Word Vectors

Predicting Answer Quality on Community Q&A Websites

Predicting Yelp Star Ratings Based on Text Analysis of User Reviews

Predicting and Evaluating the Popularity of Online News

Predicting and Identifying Hyperlinks in Wikipedia Articles

Prediction of Yelp Ratings Based on Reviewer Comments Segmented by Business Type

Question Answering on the bAbI Dataset using LSTMs

Rating the Raters: Bias Analysis on Yelp Reviews for Improved Star Rating System

Similar language detection

The Lowest Form of Wit: Identifying Sarcasm in Social Media

User review sentiment classification and aggregation

A Clustering Algorithm for Reduced Order Modeling of Shock Waves

Analyze Rainfall Frequency and Deriving IDF Curve Automatically

Data-Driven Discovery and Design of Superionic Lithium Conductors for High Performance Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries

Data-driven fatigue crack evaluation based on wave propagation data

Declassification of the D-Wave One Quantum Machine

Design of Optical Reflection Spectrum using Machine Learning

Earthquake-Induced Structural Damage Classification Algorithm

Energy Consumption Prediction for Optimum Storage Utilization

Estimating the Effect of Climate Change on Sea Level Rise

Event Identification in Continuous Seismic Data

Gaussian Process Regression with K-means Clustering for Very Short-Term Load Forecasting of Individual Buildings at Stanford

Identifying Volcanoes from Elevation Profile

Identifying the Higgs Boson

Jet Charge Characterization at the LHC

Landslides Susceptibility Mapping In Nepal Using Spatial Feature Vectors

Learning Chemical Trends in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Model reductions in quantum optical devices

On the relation between solar flares and corona mass ejections from a machine learning view

Pile up subtraction and jet energy measurement in particle physics using machine learning

Predicting Contrast Performance for the Gemini Planet Imager

Pulse-type classification for the Large Underground Xenon dark matter search

Reliability of seismic data for hydrocarbon reservoir characterization

The classification of Higgs Boson Tau-Tau decay in the presence of severe background noise through neural networks

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Flappy Bird

Deep Reinforcement Learning with POMDPs

Estimating Jumping Heights of a Small Legged Robot based on Terrain Properties Control Efforts and Tactile Sensor Measurements

Feature Cost Sensitive Random Forest

Generalized Newton-Stein Method

Learning Summary Statistics for Approximate Bayesian Computation

Learning to Play Atari Games

Memory Neural Networks

Parameter Estimation with MOCK algorithm

Reinforcement Learning For Adaptive Traffic Signal Control

Subspace Clustering

Swing Copters AI

Training Minesweeper

UAV Coordination Tables via Learning from Various Logic Tables

Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis on Hotel Reviews

Assigning Style Grade and Providing Style Feedback by k-means Clustering and Softmax Regression

Automatic Segmentation and Diagnosis of Mass Lesions in Mammograms

Building on existing Bayesian learning for Safe High Speed Planning in Partially Observable Environments

Campus Location Recognition using Audio Signals

Characterizing United States Presidential Candidates' Speech Patterns

Classification of Abdominal Tissues by k-Means Clustering for 3D Acoustic and Shear-Wave Modeling

Classification of Hand Gestures using Surface Electromyography Signals For Upper-Limb Amputees

Classification of Transcription Start Sites in the Human Genome

Demystifying the workings of Lending Club

Discovery of Transcription Factor Binding Sites with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Dynamic Throttle Estimation by Machine Learning from Professionals

Energy Measurement in EXO-200 using Boosted Regression Trees

Exploration of Reinforcement Learning to SNAKE

Exploring review quality and social network influence in the Yelp Academic Dataset

Exploring the Efficacy of Machine Learning in General Game Playing

Exploring Video Game Recommendation Techniques

Finding Your Way Courtesy of Machine Learning

Have You Met The 1? A Machine’s Approach to Human Relationships

Hotel Recommendation Based on Hybrid Model

Household Energy Disaggregation based on Difference Hidden Markov Model

How Much Is My House Worth? Predicting Housing Prices in McKinney Texas

Human Action Recognition Using CNN and BoW Methods

Humanities Research Recommendations via Collaborative Topic Modeling

Initial Steps Toward Automating Legal Document Editing

Learn To Rate Fine Food

Learning hypernymy in distributed word vectors via a stacked LSTM network

Learning online dating preferences from neuroimaging data

Machine Learning for Autonomous Jellyfish Orientation Determination and Tracking

Machine Recognition of Squiggles in SETI Signal Data

Material decomposition using neural network for photon counting detector

Modeling HLA ligands for binding prediction of new peptides

Modeling Malicious Network Packets with Generative Probabilistic Graphical Models

Modeling Political Identity

Non-stationary autoregressive filters for prediction of subsurface geological structure

Online Active Trajectory Classication for Motion-based Communication of Robots

Optimised Prediction of Stock Prices with Newspaper Articles

Playing Chinese Checkers with Reinforcement Learning

Predicting an Aptamer's Target Binding Autumnnity Using its Nucleotide Sequence

Predicting Expedia Hotel Cluster Groupings with User Search Queries

Predicting International Restaurant Success with Yelp

Predicting Life Expectancy of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Patients Based on Gene Expression of Cancer Cells

Predicting Media Bias in Online News

Predicting Medicare Costs Using Non-Traditional Metrics

Predicting Perfume Rate and Popularity

Predicting Stock Prices and Analyst Recommendations

Prediction of Stock Price Movements Using Options Data

Question Answering with Neural Networks

Recognizing Emotion from Static Images

Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Optimization

Shale Gas Production Decline Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Social Network Circle Discovery Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Structure Prediction of Optical Functional Devices with Deep Learning

Supervised Learning to Predict Human Driver Merging Behavior

The Automated Travel Agent: Hotel Recommendations Using Machine Learning

To what extent are color percepts and motor choice represented in dorsal premotor cortex?

Topic Retrieval and Articles Recommendation

Twitter US Airline Recommendation Prediction

Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Perform Classification on State Farm Insurance Driver Images

Using Spatio-Temporal Data To Create A Shot Probability Model

Visual Attention Models of Object Counting

Will our new robot overlords play Hearthstone with us?

Beating Daily Fantasy Football

Beating the Bookies: Predicting the Outcome of Soccer Games

Beating the Odds Learning to Bet on Soccer Matches Using Historical Data

Building an NFL performance metric

Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Monitoring using ECG and PPG Signals

Data-Driven Insights into Football Match Results

Do you even lift bro?

Embodied Music Meditation: A Real-time Interactive Audio-Visual System for Buddhist Mudras Exploration

GNSS Pseudorange Classification and Satellite Selection

GPS Trace Modality Classification

Human Activity Recognition

Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Data

Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone Sensors

Predicting Fantasy Football Production for Daily Fantasy Leagues

Predicting Future NBA Scores from Play-by-Play Data

Predicting Pitchers' Early Career Value From Rookie Year Performance

Predicting Point Spread in NFL Games

Predicting Run vs. Pass Plays in the NFL

Predicting the Trajectory of an NBA Player's Career

Remote Surface Classification for Robotic Platforms

Sensor-based Semantic-level Human Activity Recognition using Temporal Classification

Applying Machine Learning to Music Classification

Classifying an Artist's Genre Based on Song Features

Conditioning WaveNet on Learned Formant Characterizations for Speech Audio Enhancement

Detecting Musical Key with Supervised Learning

Keyword Spotting in Arabic Speech

Music Composition with RNN

Music-Speech Discrimination

Neural Network for Music Instrument Identification

Predicting Imagined Meters in Musical Patterns from MEG Data

Recurrent Neural Networks with Attention for Genre Classification and Music Compositon

Video Game Genre Classification by Soundtrack

3D Point Estimation Using Recursive Networks

ASL Fingerspelling Interpretation

AdversarialAttack on Image Recognition

Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Steering Angle Prediction in Self-Driving Cars

Are Anime Cartoons?

Artistic Style Transfer for Face Portraits

Automated Image-based Detection of State of Construction Progress

Automated Restyling of Human Portrait Based onFacial Expression Recognition and 3D Reconstruction

Chinese Calligraphy Font Classication and Transformation

Classification of Driver Distraction

Classification of Garbage Into Different Waste Classes

ColoRNN Book: A Recurrent Deep Learning Approach to Consistent Video Colorization

Create your own Chinese calligraphy artwork

Deep Learning Approach to Planogram Compliance in Retail Stores

Deep Learning Based Food Recognition

DeepCrop: Whole Object Auto-Cropping with Deep Learning

Denoising Low Light Images

Detect Distracted Driver

Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy with Convolutional Neural Networks

Driving a car with low dimensional input features

End-to-End Driving Controls Prediction from Images

Example-Based Image Super-Resolution Techniques

Generative adversarial network based adversarial examples generation and defense

GoGoGo: Improving Deep Neural Network Based Go Playing AI with Residual Networks

Guqin Notation and Music Style Recognition

Is He Chinese Korean or Japanese?

Machine Learning for Different Calligraphers Style Recognition

Machine Learning for Human Activity Recognition

Measuring Aristic Similarity of Paintings

Monitoring Illegal Fishing through Image Classification

Neural Networks for Video Frame Interpolation

Out-of-focus: Learning Depth from Image Bokeh for Robotic Perception

PDF Table Extractor

Pain free LaTeX with Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning

Plant Leaf Recognition

Predicting Gentrification with Satellite Imagery

Real-time Object Detection

Recognition of Tourist Attractions Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Seeing Beyond Seeing with Enhanced Deep Tracking

Single RGB Image Depth Estimation in Indoor and Outdoor Scenes

Socially Aware Neural Nets for Effective Crowd Navigation

Study Impact of Architectural Style and Partial View on Landmark Recognition

Target Tracking with Particle Filtering and Recurrent Neural Nets

Viewpoint Invariant Person Detection in RGB-D Data


Beer Sales Forecasting

Comparative Automated Bitcoin Trading Strategies

House Price Predictions with Advanced Regression and Classification Techniques

NLP Analysis of Company Earnings Releases

Portfolio Management using Reinforcement Learning

Predicting Flight Delays Using Weather Data

Predicting News Sharing on Social Media

Predicting Stock Price Movement Using Crowd Sentiment Analysis

Predicting Success of Restaurants in Las Vegas

Predicting film box office in the United States

Stock Market Trends Prediction after Earning Release

Unstructured Document Recognition on Business Invoice

Wind Power and Electric Load Forecasting

A Personalized Recommendation System for Yelp Users

AI Plays 2048

Achieving Better Predictions with Collaborative Neighborhood

Adversarial Machine Learning against Keystroke Dynamics

Allocating aid to right people

American Immigrants Classification and Naturalization Time Prediction of Different Groups

Applying machine learning to the board game Pylos

Automatic Recognition of Pick and Roll Plays

Autonomous Super Mario Agent

Bayseian Knowledge Tracing

Bias In Wikipedia: Different Links Different Stories

Binary Multi-layer Neural Network Implemented with Non-volatile Memory Crossbar for Efficient Neuromorphic Computing

Click Recommendation

Complementary Venue Recommendation Model for Yelp

Creating a Dominion AI using Genetic Algorithms

Deep Q-learning on Atari Assault

Developing a Regression Algorithm for Predicting Magic: The Gathering Card Efficiency in Draft Format

Distance Correlation

Ensembling and Other Defenses Against Adversarial Examples

Fingerprint Identification using SVM

Generating Ad-Hoc Curricula

Hacking AES-128

High-Speed Autonomous Driving through Unknown Map

League of Legends Match Outcome Prediction

Learning Long Term Dependencies with Deep Logarithmic Residual LSTMs

Learning Multiagent Congestion Control Schemes

Learning To Cook

Learning a Double Dummy Bridge Solver

Learning from Yelp

Learning the Network Structure of Heterogeneous Data

Machine Learning for Aircraft System Identification

Machine Learning with Insufficient Data Amount

Making Our Cities Safer: A Study of Neighborhood Crime Patterns

Minority Report: ML Fairness in Criminality Prediction

Modeling Flight Delays

Motion Planning in Unknown Environments

Movie Recommendation: Aggregation of Collaborative Filtering and Low-rank Matrix Recovery

New York City Cab Pricing

Outbrain Click Prediction

Predict Commercial Promoted Contents Will Be Clicked By User

Predicting Compensation for Job Seekers

Predicting Emergency Incidents in San Diego

Predicting Freeway Traffic in the Bay area

Predicting K-5 School Enrolment for the New York City Department of Education

Predicting Median Income from Yelp Review Language

Predicting Movie Popularities Using Their Genomes

Predicting NFL Score Differences using Markov Models

Predicting Popularity of Posts on Hacker News

Predicting Sexual Orientation Based on Facebook Status Updates

Predicting Which Recommended Content Users Click

Predicting Yelp Users Rating Based on Previous Reviews

Prediction of Research Impact : A Case Study for Nanotechnology

Predictive analysis on Multivariate Time Series Datasets using Shapelets

Real-time learning and prediction of public transit bus arrival times

Reviving our infrastructure to save lives

San Francisco Crime Classification

Sensitivity of Jury Trial Outcomes to Trial Factors

Sparse Estimation of Movie Preferences via Constrained Optimization

Spectral Learning of General Latent-Variable Probabilistic Graphical Models: A Supervised Learning Approach

Sports Data Mining: Predicting Results for Professional Basketball Games

Use of unstructured learning to detect gerrymandering across school districts

Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Identify Undervalued Baseball Players

Using Yelp Reviews to Improve Businesses

Where Can Clean Technology Help? Machine Learning to Identify Environmentally At-Risk Communities in the United States

ZSY Playing

Annotating pathogenicity of genetic variants

Applying Boosting Algorithm for Improving Diagnosis of Interstitial Lung Diseases

Applying LSTM Deep Networks for Human Seizure Prediction

Applying Machine Learning to Predict and Explain Primate Consortship

Automatically Quantifying Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis Severity

Bianca: Mouse behavior tracking

Building a Better Risk Prediction Model for ASCVD

CNNs for Segmenting Confluent Cell Culture

Classification of Neonatal Brain Ultrasound Scans Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Computational prediction of clinical outcome of sepsis from critical care database

Data driven prediction of Material Bandgap

DeepEyes: Extraocular Disease Classification

Determining Disinfection Byproduct Formation during Disinfection using Treatment Parameters

Diabetic Retinopathy Identification and Severity Classification

Encoding the natural response of primate retina

Ensemble Prediction of Intrinsically Disordered Regions in Proteins

Generative models for the trajectories of slow-progressing mobility diseases following medical interventions

Genome Dreaming

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) of functional MRI (fMRI) data

Investigating Autism and The Human Microbiome

Models of Neuron Coding in Retinal Ganglion Cells and Clustering by Receptive Field

Predicting Energy Usage of School Buildings

Predicting Image Categories using Brain Decoding

Predicting prokaryotic incubation timesfrom genomic features

Segmentation of Medical Ultrasound Images using Convolutional Neural Networks with Noisy Activation Functions

Separation of MR multiband images using complex independent component analysis

Using Genomic Data to Identify Co-Variation Patterns and Predict Outcomes in Human Cancers

Automatic Generation of Lyrics in Bob Dylan's Style

Classifying Social Unrest through Twitter Sentiment

Detecting Temporal Relations of Events in Short Narratives

Disentangling Multiple Narratives through Natural Language Processing

Improving Yelp Restaurant Recommendations

Key-sentence extraction with Neural Networks

Language Models for US Presidential Candidates

Language Recognition and using Speech Recordings

Multiclass Classification of Tweets and Twitter Users Based on Kindness Analysis

Paragraph Topic Categorization

Predicting Mass Movements with Google Trends Data

Predicting the Likelihood of Response in a Messaging Application

Prediction of the crude oil price thanks to natural language processing applied to newspapers

Removing Bias from Word Embeddings

Semantic Analysis of Political Speeches

Sentiment Classification and Opinion Mining on Airline Reviews

Stack Overflow Query Outcome Prediction

Tracking the relevance of conferecens


A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Motion Planning of Hopping Rovers

Beam Detection Based on Machine Learning Algorithms

Classification of River Delta Channel Bifurcation Points in Remote Sensing Imagery

Data classification for diffraction images

Data-Driven Earthquake Location Method

Determining Aircraft Sizing Parameters through Machine Learning

Digital Predistortion Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Facies Characterization of a Reservoir in the North Sea Using Machine Learning Techniques

Galaxy Morphology Classificatoin

Human Fall Detection in Indoor Environments Using Channel State Information ofWi-Fi Signals

I Know Where You Are: Indoor WiFi Localization Using Neural Networks

Implementing Machine Learning to Earthquake Engineering

Improving efficient collapse intensity measures using machine learning

Learning Catalysts One Piece at a Time

Machine Learning The Optimal Power Flow Problem

Markov Model in Time for Transport in Porous Media

Neural Networks for calibrating ATLAS jets

Predicting Earthquake Characteristics from a Single Seismic Station

Quark-gluon tagging in the forward region of ATLAS at the LHC

Rainfall Prediction in California

Reduced order modeling approach for cardiovascular stent design

Reimaging Shallow Structure

Temperature predictions for the Y2E2 building

Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of reservoir forecasts with machine learning

Weather Forecasting

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Enhanced by Machine Learning

AI for Chrome Offline Dinosaur Game

Aerobatics Aircraft Controller with Reinforcement Learning

Algorithms for Learning Good Heuristics

Application of Machine Learning to Link Prediction

Control of Inverted Double Pendulum using Reinforcement Learning

Deep Q-Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Atari games aided with human guidance

Deep Reinforcement Learning for General Game Playing

Deep learning based motor control unit

Implementing Q-Learning for Breakout

Killing Zombies in Minecraft Using Deep Q-Learning

Predicting users' political support from their Reddit comment history

Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Racing in Simulation

Reinforcement Learning for Dam Control

Reinforcement Learning for Feature Selection in Affective Speech Classification

Reinforcement Learning for Rapid Roll

The Applicability of Machine Learning Concepts to Game Artificial Intelligence

Using Reinforcement Learning to Play Othello

When does stochastic gradient descent work without variance reduction?

Weakly Supervised Classifiers with Adversarial Training

Characterizing Data-Driven Disease Phenotypes in Mental Health

Bikeshare demand prediction

Predicting Grocery Sales with Deep Residual Nets and Embedding

DeepFire - AI Synthesized Rap

Music Genre Classification via Machine Learning

Recommendation System and Retail Investors' Trading Behavior

Automated Curriculum Learning

Identification of the correct hard-scatter vertex at the Large Hadron Collider

Using Capsule Networks to Disarm Adversarial Attacks

Disease Protein Prediction using Network Embeddings and the Gene Ontology

Understanding City Demographics from Local Business Activity

Using Bitcoin Pricing Data to Create a Profitable Algorithmic Trading Strategy

Machine Learning Prediction of Molecular Structure Given Corresponding Spectra

Optimized Recurrent Neural Network Story Generator

Sleep Prediction Using Consumer Wearable Devices

Abnormal Combustion Detection in a Compression Ignition Engine

An AI Approach to Automatic Natural Music Transcription

Pri-Matrix Factorization: Automated Species Tagging in Video Clips

Extracting Tactics from Cybersecurity Articles

Unsupervised Face Recognition in Television News Media

Predicting Sequence-Activity Relationships Among Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs)

Semi-supervised Learning for Multi-label Classification

Finding Sarcasm in Reddit Postings:A Deep Learning Approach

Fake News Detection

Predicting Diabetes Readmittance


Identification of the correct hard-scatter vertex at the Large Hadron Collider

Questions of Bias and Fairness in Using Machine learning for risk assessment

Understanding the mechanical stability of wellbores using machine learning

Deep Imitation Learning for Playing Real Time Strategy Games

Time Series Sales Forecasting

Predicting Restaurants€™ Rating and Popularity based on Yelp Dataset

Balancing Classifier Fairness with Public Safety in Traffic Stops

Using Convolutional Embeddings of Large Graphs to Improve Category Classification for Amazon Items

Predicting CS106 Office Hours Queuing Times

Music Composition Using Classification Algorithms

Adversarial Touch Dynamics

Automated Semantic Segmentation of Volumetric Cardiovascular Features and Disease Assessment

A neural network approach for predicting urban building energy consumption

Modeling approaches for time series forecasting and anomaly detection

Weather-driven predictions of solar energy

Old Image De-nosing and Auto-colorization Using Linear Regression and Multilayer Perceptron Models

Real-time Image Style Transfer

Cardiovascular disease prediction: a novel risk stratification tool

Predictive Analytics for Demand forecasting in Retail

Forage: Machine Learning Generated Recipes

Clustering the Ethereum Blockchain Address Space

Deep Learning Approach to Accent Recognition


Controllable text generation

Automated identification of crystal system from XRD pattern

Learning the Language of Wine

Building Effective Goal-Oriented Dialogue Agents

When to Book: Predicting Flight Pricing

Defeating the Invaders with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Machine Translation from Inuktitut to English: Parsing Strategy

Generating Groove: Predicting Jazz Harmonization

Voice Commands Recognition with Convolution Neural Network

Predicting Cellular Networks

Topological data analysis of convolutional neural networks' weights on images

Predicting Insurance Risk in Brazil

Sentiment Classification on Steam Reviews

Fake News Stance Detection

Ship Classification Using an Image Dataset

Rise and Fall: An Autoregressive Approach to Pairs Trading

Iceberg/ship classifier using satellite data

Multilabel Tagging System for Yelp Restaurant

Modeling and Understanding the evolution of innovation in academia

Direction Decoder for Brain Computer Interfaces

Reproduce and Explore Variations of SNAPSHOT ENSEMBLES

Appliance Specific Power Usage Classification & Disaggregation

Automatic Melody Transcription

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Games with Sparse Rewards

Temporal Poverty Prediction in Developing Countries Using Satellite Imagery

Predicting Oil Prices

Predicting Ethereum Price Changes

To stay or not to stay? Predicting music subscription cancellations

Applying Minimal Effort Backpropagation to Sparsify Different Neural Networks

Crop Classification with Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery

Explaining and Predicting Price-Spikes in Real-Time Electricity Markets

What does change in US food prices tell us about the economics of the food market from 2002 to 2006?

Detecting Thoracic Diseases from Chest X-Ray Images

Real Time Tennis Match Prediction Using Machine Learning

Wildfire Prediction

Subject Measures Prediction from Human fMRI Imaging

Satellite images segmentation for building detection usingU-net

From Zero to Hero with F-Zero

Supervised Learning for Autonomous Driving

Position Estimation for Control of a Partially Observable Linear Actuator

Translating a Picture of Math to LaTeX

Affordable Self Driving Cars and Robots with Pixel by Pixel Segmentation

Real-time Emotion Recognition From Facial Expressions

Terrain Classification for Off-Road Driving

Modelling Student Performance in Massive Online Classes.

Visual question answering with attention

Exploring Predictors of Team Success in Ultimate Frisbee: An Analysis of Game Statistics for Stanford Women's Ultimate

Predicting the movie popularity using user-identified tropes

Predicting Clinical Parameters For Recognition Of Gait Disorder

Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Flight-Delay

Classification of single-crystal diffuse scattering images

Predicting County Level Cost Differences for Treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Tracking #metoo on Twitter to predict engagement

Music transcription using deep learning

Grapheme to phoneme conversion for Dutch

Genre Classification of Spotify Songs using Lyrics Audio Previews and Album Artwork

End-to-End Models for Task-Oriented Gameplay in Minecraft with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Clustering and Classifying Autism to Improve Diagnosis and Research

Optum: Investigating Links between the Immune System and the Brain

Reinforcement Learning for Neural Network Architecture

Survey Analysis of Machine Learning Methods for Natural Language Processing for MBTI Personality Type Prediction

Mooc Dropout Prediction

Run. Reward. Repeat.

Unwrapping Multi-Passed Images

Does Your Phone Know Your Touch?

Applying Different Machine Learning Models to Predict Breast Cancer Risk

Automatic colorization for line arts

Automated Playlist Generation

Machine Learning to Inform Breast Cancer Post-Recovery Surveillance

Predicting global gene expression from chromatin accessibility in the developing mammalian forebrain

Machine Learning for Professional Tennis Match Prediction and Betting

Generative Modeling of Aggregated Musical Preferences

Digital Image Denoising

Music Genre Classification

Automated Transcript Generation for Video Conferences

Predicting Hard Disk Drive Failures

Proactive Storage Management to Reduce Data Center Downtime

DISCo: Detecting Insults in Social Commentary

Prediction of microscale droplet instability in concentrated emulsion

Search for Informative Coding in Neural Activity Correlations

Predict the Likelihood of Responding to Direct Mail Campaign in Consumer Lending Industry

Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Locomotion

Understanding Travel to Airports in NYC

Clustering Startups Based on Customer-Value Proposition

Convex Optimization For Machine Learning (cvx4ml)

Improving Human-in-the-Loop Optimization Algorithms using Machine Learning Techniques

Feature Extraction in Satellite Imagery€‹ Using Support Vector ​Machines

Allstate Insurance Claims Severity: A Machine Learning Approach

Clustering-Based Diversification in Financial Portfolios

When to Stop-and-Frisk

Authorship Attribution with Limited Text

Smart Recipe Measurements with Learned Volume Prediction

Crafting Adversarial Attacks on RNNs

Generate Adversarial Attacks

Functional Data Analysis for Rain Rate Statistics

Learning to drive in a basic OpenAI simulator

Efficient and accurate time-integration of combustion chemical kinetics using artificial neural networks

Price Prediction Evolution: from Economic Model to Machine Learning

Predicting Song Genre from Lyrics and Fast Fournier Transforms

Short time horizon solar power forecasting

Adaptive Multi-Agent Path Planning for Distributed UAV Systems

When Was it Written?

Playing CHIP-8 Game with Reinforcement Learning

Classification Models of Driving Distraction: Analysis and Comparison

Converting Handwritten Mathematical Expressions into LATEX

Unsupervised Cross-Domain Image Generation

Predicting Politician NRA Ratings from Campaign Speeches

Semantic Segmentation of 3D Particle Interaction Data Using Fully Convolutional DenseNet

Image Control of the Inverted Pendulum

AKI Prediction

Reinforcement learning for PACMAN

Application of Deep Learning to Algorithmic Trading

Multi-class classification via proximal mirror descent

I Spot A Bot

Optimizing Downsampling in Variable Density Experimental Data: Predicting Metallic Glasses

Exploring 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Lung Cancer Detection in 3D CT Volumes

What's for Dinner? Recommendations in Online Grocery Shopping

Bilateral Trade Flow Prediction

Pathological Lymph Node Classification

Learning How People Respond to Changes in Energy Prices

Recipe for Success

Dynamic Portfolio Optimization Using Evolution Strategy

Classifying Entorhinal Cortex Neuronal Cell Types in Virtual Reality

Auto Generation of Arabic News Headlines

Language Identification Using Neural Networks

Inverted Pendulum on a Quadcopter: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

Machine Learning Models for Inverse Power Flow in the Electricity Grid

Fast or Furious? - User analysis of SF Express Inc

Fire Prediction in Southeast Asia Using Remote Sensing

Breaking CAPTCHA Using Deep Learning

Numerical Optimization on a Perturbed Cost Function

Black Lives Matter: Clustering As a Way of Analyzing Online Discussions Around Race

Face Generation with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks

Playing DOOM with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Multiview Human Synthesis From a Singleview

Do I Hear 3NT?: Learning a Bridge Bidder

Techniques for Optimizing Information Exchange in Educational Settings: Stackexchange as Case Study

Voice Transmogrifier: Spoofing My Girlfriend's Voice

Speech Accent Identification

Prediction of Cellular Service Quality

Projecting 3-point shooting for NBA draft prospects

3D Pose Estimation in ICUs using Depth and Thermal Sensors

PACCAR: Predicting Time to Repair with Minimal Data

Object Detection Using Machine Learning for Autonomous Larvacean Tracking

Reliable neural networks via abstention

Predicting Agricultural Yields with ML

Instagram Hashtag Prediction With and Without Data

Image Mosaic

Co-Citation for PubMed

Predicting tech stock prices based on previous prices and news

The Price Is Right: Predicting Prices Using Product Images

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction based on News and Social Media Sentiment

Revisiting the Netflix Prize: Probabilistic Extensions to KNN and Other Techniques

Prediction of Pedestrian Trajectories

Multi-Modal Information Extraction (Question-Answer Framework)

A machine learning based stock trading framework using technical and economic analysis

Supervised learning methods for biometric authentication on mobile devices

Predicting Chemical Reaction Type and Reaction Products with Recurrent Neural Networks

Scalable Deep Learning for Image Classification with K-Means and Logistic Regression

Weighted Alternating Least Squares (WALS) for Movie Recommendations

Deep RL For Starcraft 2

Grammatical Error Correction using Neural Networks

Real Time Monitoring of CCTV Camera Images Using Object Detectors and Scene Classification for Retail and Surveillance Applications

Content Analysis of YouTube Data

Computer Vision for Card Games


Classification of Alzheimer's Disease using Patients' MRI and Related Features

Learning Optical Flow from Real Robot Data

Heart Disease Prediction using Ensemble Learning

Predicting Outcomes of Professional DotA2 games

An Automatically Generated Large Scale Corpus for NLI

Speaker Identification with VoxCeleb DataSet

Predict Effect of Trump's Tweets on Market Movements

Machine Learning approaches for Identifying & Characterizing Faults in Logic Simulation for Silicon Development Processes

Mutation Profile to Predict Tumour Stage in Lung Adenocarcinoma

A Neural Network Based ElectroMagnetic Solver

Depositional Environment Classification from Satellite Imagery

Using Machine Learning to Make a Likely Voter Model

Automatic Music Transcription for Monophonic Piano Music

Machine Learning Techniques for Climbing Route Classification

Application of Variational Autoencoders for Aircraft Turbomachinery Design

Split-Complex Convolutional Neural Networks

Cryptocurrency Pumping Predictions: A Novel Approach to Identifying Pump And Dump Schemes

Clickbait ; Don't Read

Rage Against the Machine Learning: Learning to Predict Song Popularity

​Forecasting ​of ​Arctic ​phytoplankton ​abundance ​using ​remotely sensed ​data ​and ​machine ​learning

The Art of Human Movement

Detecting Pneumonia from Chest X-Rays

Predicting NBA Game Outcomes

Projecting NFL Quarterback Readiness

Predicting Outcomes in Chatbot-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Rock or Not? This sure does.

Machine Learning Techniques for Network Intrusion Detection

Automated analysis of temperature data in fractured wells

Line shape fitting of iodine spectra near 532 nm

Predicting Bike Rental Duration

Calibrate Time Series by LSTM

Recommender Systems: Comparison Analysis between Traditional Techniques and Neural Embedding

Towards Mitigating Bias in Online Reviews: An Application to

How Much Is the Mona Lisa Really Worth?

Fake Review Detection on Yelp

Predicting Which Stocks Will Beat the Market

Inference of subsurface properties by machine learning

Predicting MTA Bus Arrival Times in New York City

Using Bitcoin Ledger Network Data to Predict the Price of Bitcoin

Predicting Loan Defaults with Machine Learning

General Adversarial Privacy


Predicting habitable exoplanets from NASA's Kepler mission data using Machine Learning

Finding Natural S&P 500 Sectors Based on 10K Reports

Local Degree of Freedom Ductility

Message in a bottle: learning dynamics in the information plane

Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Heart Sound Recording Classification

Smart Trash Net: Waste Localization and Classification

Unruffling Feathers: Customer Response Prioritization Using Machine Learning

Optimization of the Syngas Combustion Chemistry Model

Modeling language games

Using Bitcoin Ledger Network Data to Predict the Price of Bitcoin

Automatic earthquake detection from distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) array data

Generating personalized chat messages

Interpreting impact of metadata tagging on thoracic disease classification

Predicting Expected Email Response Times

Algorithmic Trading using Sentiment Analysis and Reinforcement Learning

Potayto or potahto jagaimo or bareisho? Japanese dialect classification

Generating Place Recommendations for Travelers

Reinforcing safety with style: exploring reward shaping through human feedback

Detecting Fraud in Financial Payments

Word Games: Coherent Document Reconstruction

Robust Human Activity Detection with Smartphones

Predicting cryptocurrency price

Ensembling Approaches to Hierarchical Electric Load Forecasting

Optimizing Traffic Light Behavior in Real-World Environments

RainbowNet: Color Extrapolation from Grayscale Images

Computing Song Similarity Using Deep Unsupervised Learning

Nothing but Neural Net: Projecting NBA Basketball Shot Trajectories

Predicting Sovereign Default

Exploring Feature Embeddings using Feedback Networks

PC game play time estimation based on Steam data and reviews

Wine Rating Prediction

Understanding Career Progression in Baseball Through Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning Applied to a Game of Deceit

Because It's the Cup: Predicting the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Using AI to Make Predictions andDecisions on Stock Market

Predicting Baseball Postseason Results from Regular Season Data

Generating Dark Matter Halo Catalogs For Cosmological Simulations

Two Machine Learning Approaches to Understand the NBA Data

Estimation of Reservoir Simulation Response for Different Relative Permeability Curves Using Machine Learning

GPS Multipath Detection and Mitigation

Predicting the Outcome of H-1B Visa Applications

Do Android Dream of Explosive Sheep? Building a Hearthstone AI

Commercial Building Electricity Load Forecasting Using Linear Regression and Neural Networks

Lane Changing Prediction Modeling on Highway Ramps:Approaches and Analysis

Grammatical Error Classification for Non-native English Writers

Whose Rap is it Anyways? - Determining Hip-Hop Artists from their Lyrics

Dynamic loan default prediction

Artistic Image Colorization with Visual Generative Networks

Personal Identification through Keystroke Dynamics

A Net Over Your Head: A Neural Network Approach to Home Price Predictions

Learning an Optimal Policy for Police Resource Allocation on Freeways

Discouraging Cyberbullying using SVMs

Speeding up ResNet training

Toward Automatic Icon Design Using Machine Learning

Dimensionality Reduction for Bag-of-words Models: LSA vs PCA

Sentimental Analysis with Amazon Review Data

Bird Classification and Feature Recognition

Human or Robot

Predicting NBA shots

Poverty Prediction by Selected Remote Sensing CNN Features


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