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Building a new community for Data structure and Algorithms seekers.

I am building new community for only Data structure and Algorithms students. Here students can ask questions, give answers, publish their blogs.


The layout of the home page has been created, but it needs some improvements.

Some basic pages have been built, but currently they are not integrated with the APIs





Page for editor and writing blogs


Here, you need to write title of the post and description of the post in the same editor.

# first # will be a title
First para will be description
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If you click on publish button, then it'll first show the title and the description edited by you. If there is no title or description, it'll show it there.

If you have title and description, then it'll display there.

Here you can choose to continue edit or final preview.

Final preview


Here, also you can choose either to continue editing or publish. Although publish won't work now, because this is only client side application. Server has not been built yet.

Final Note

I would like to here from community regarding the feature which i can implement here.

Thank you for reading my article.

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