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Aziz Kaukawala
Aziz Kaukawala

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Confused - Guide to Getting Started with AI/ML

Hey guys,

Currently I'm a full stack developer with a good grasp on Node.js, PHP, Typescript, Flutter etc and I want to learn AI/ML.

I'm a python beginner and need community help to know the path for learning AI/ML.

Help & suggestions appreciated! Thank you!

Happy Coding

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Ranjan Dailata • Edited

Having a great experience in working with Python matters a lot as the majority of the ML libraries or packages are all coded in Python.

Understanding and working experience with Large Language Model will benefit you.

I suggest you to start from the beginning, having a good understanding and working experience with the AI/ML, using the pretrained models, custom or fine-tuned ones etc. matters a lot. A ton of patience is required

Github is the home for learning any technologies.

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Aziz Kaukawala

Yeah, already started to work with the Python. Sometimes it feels easier, sometimes its tricky. In any condition, getting ahead step by step. Along side AI/ML also learning frameworks like FastAPI and Django as I know these will be useful even after learning AI/ML.

Thanks for the help Ranjan.