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Aziz Kaukawala
Aziz Kaukawala

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An Underrated Gem by @juliencrn


React hook library, ready to use, written in Typescript.

  • Came across this amazing library which does the heavy lifting for me and is also great for managing those micro interactions. Its something which I needed but didn't knew until I started using it.

Some useful hooks:

  • useUpdateEffect(): Just modified version of useEffect that is skipping the first render.
  • useDebounce(): Hook helps to limit that the component is re-rendered too many times.
  • useEffectOnce(): Just modified version of useEffect that's executed only one time, at the mounting time.
  • useWindowSize(): Easily retrieve window dimensions with this React Hook which also works onResize.

Checkout other at or

Shoutout to juliencrn & all the other contributors. Thanks!

Please comment down such underrated gems which you use in your projects.

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Julien • Edited

Thanks Aziz 🎉

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Aziz Kaukawala • Edited

Thanks to you mate! ✨