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Discussion on: Why some people hate PHP?

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Patrice Gauthier

First I want to say the article "a fractal of bad design article" is a good reference. A complex tool gives the possibility of a complex solution. You don't need a complex tool to create something complex. Complexity should lie in the business code, not the framework/language. This is why Go is gaining momentum but it's also a hype (because Google).

PHP as a coding standard only since 2012
PHP had outdated tutorials for years and the "standard" framework Zend was/is paid so it was rarely used. So it also trained programmers with bad practices.. like common SQL injections.

As example, Python was there as long as PHP but from the the start they decided to impose a coding standard. Python PEP-8 exists since 2001. You don't hear much people complaining about Python because it was done simple and with a standard from the start. The Zen of Python is the best thing you can have in programming in general even I think.

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I second that, php community is immature, there’s still a ton of bad practices advertized as good/applicable solutions, progress of this platform is slow and innovation is not there at all, what is it php community actially introduced, and not borrowed? I am a php dev btw, but hey folks, lets be realistic, there is NOTHING exciting about php

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Well, being able to just
$username = $_POST['username'];

was pretty much exciting in 1995, don't you think?