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I want to be working for passion, not for survival.


I am with you. I have a great job, a big enough salary, flexible schedule, yet I want to do something that is truly mine and that I am 100% in charge. It is unique to me, but this is what makes it a passion for me.

Everyone should have the gut to express their personal view of success.


Honestly, my realistic dream is to own a house in an area I like with a dog(s) and family. Ideally working 2/3days a week optionally remotely with all major expenses paid off.

I want to have the time and money to be able to follow my interests. And if I have to still work a bit to get that, then fine.


I want to be educating people on the topics I care most about.


We need so many people thinking this way around the World on every topic that affects future generations.



That’s the plan! Writing articles; making videos; released my first course early this year :D


When I retire, I want to own a cafe in a downtown area of a tech hub city. Or teach in some form. Maybe combine the two and offer code reviews with a cup of coffee 🤔


I love this idea, maybe call it 'caffeine commit'


That's exactly what I want to do as well! I've always loved the idea of owning a cafe. If this whole tech thing doesn't work out, I might just go for it.


I want to be what I am now...

...but perhaps making enough money to survive. :)

To summarize, I'm a writer, programmer, cook, interviewer, poet, musician, masseur, coach, speaker, and more. I've got a million projects on the go at all times. I traded stability for chaos, and I love it, except for the financial part now.

I don't mix with grown up careers well. :)


That is so freaking cool -- sounds like a dream to be able to combine all of your interests! I'm sure you'll figure out the income part -- you are so talented at so much!


You try to juggle. Many things will fall and break. But you keep adding more. Eventually some things will stay in the air.


I want to be a person who is present for the ones that I love. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. There are so many elements to that goal: health, financial stability, work-life balance, etc.


I can relate to that very much. And it’s not easy to balance the factors, I feel.


I also want to be who I am suppose to be. Though my description of "who I suppose to be" is different from what people expect of me.
I want to be close to my family, friends and who I see important.


To point to a semi-fictional archetype I would be happy to aspire to:

Brad Pitt's character in The Big Short.

This is probably odd because it is really a sad story full of sad people and Pitt's character may be the most honestly sad of all (sad in terms of emotions).

Hopefully I can accomplish this while staying happy and optimistic, but that character really understood how the world worked, he lived in a beautiful mountainous location and was there for mentees when they needed him (even if he was a bit grumpy along the way).

When designing my situation, I think about that character. I can tell I am going in that direction and I hope I can continue to achieve the good parts of that situation.

Along these lines, I really appreciated this post:

We humans must find a certain contentment in whatever situation we find ourselves in, but in terms of situations to position one's self to be in. This is my line of thinking. 🙂


Loved that article, really thoughtful... Thanks Ben!

Would you mind sharing the results of the last six months of your experience after commenting on the article?


When I was around 12-13 I always imagined myself at 25 with my own apartment, at the pool with a margarita. I'm 26 and I don't have any of that ; ----;

But I still want to grow up into that image, but with the added bonus that the pool and apartment are in my personal island. B3


I'm about to turn 28 and am in same house, credit is a dumpster fire (but have a subprime auto loan on a badass sports car!) and I'm watching all my friends get married and settle down with kids and I am nowhere near any of that...I just keep hoping one of my random startup ideas finally pans out and I can sell out and live a more stable life...maybe next year


I want to enjoy a more balanced life and have more saying in what i put my time and energy into. That means, being part of a team that creates and sustains something actually useful and having my free time and enjoying life more.


I just wanna simply sit somewhere watching my family having fun


What did I want to be (before the harsh realities of life)?

...A meteorologist. (Damn you university calculus for crushing the dream!)

Today, what do I want to be when I "grow up" (aka retire)?

I'd like to buy a mini-excavator and dig holes for pocket money! :)


I think there are 2 ways this question can be answered.
Career: I want to be useful. There are people who have no access to knowledge and also there are people who are willing to not learn. I am quite annoyed by how eager people are to stay uninformed and away from learning even though they have access to WWW. Maybe a teacher to teach, sysadmin to keep knowledge servers running, businessman to sponsor poor kids.

Life: I want to be with my family and happy together.


to be honest, i no longer know. i think it's because i am a grown-up. after 4+ decades at this, i figure this is what i am as an adult. i guess the next thing is to figure out what i want to do when i retire. i sure will miss this, though


It's taken many years, but I can finally say I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. Now I just have to keep it that way.

I am having such a great time managing a fantastic development team and doubling as the team lead. I get to stay hands-on with code, tools and everything else and I get to take the teams vision and help drive it forward.


I want to be working traveling for other countries.


I am liking management a lot more than I thought I would, but there's still one area of interest I haven't explored yet...DevOps. I have set up a homelab to expose myself to that side of computing and if I continue to enjoy it, ai might try to move into a Site Reliability Engineer role


Hello All:
I am currently teaching myself how to code for three reasons:
#1 To prove to myself that I can do it.
#2 To show little girls, it's never too late to do what you want.
#3 To improve my social skills for networking or just for friends in general.

Eventually I'd like to get into game programming and development. The immediate goal is website development for a family Company and that is what is getting my foot in the door.


A Unicorn.

Nah, I wish..

Probably either freelancing and having a month or two off a year to travel, or managing a small team of developers using the latest tech.


I want to lead my own team first. Then perhaps my own practice, or start my own consultancy


Angel investor to help tech startups and building future tech entrepreneurs.


Captain Mal Reynolds, and no power in the 'verse can stop me!


Well Ali, I’m 66 years on this planet and I’ve been developing software for 40 odd years of that time. I have to say I wanted to be a programmer/ developer.

  • Helping other developers find clarity and perspective in their careers.
  • Living out my core value: understanding - for myself and for others.

Curious. That's all I ask. I never want to be complacent with my knowledge. I want to learn for the rest of my days.


An astronaut!

More realistically I'd like to finish my piloting lessons and then learn to fly gliders.


I want to manage my own team of engineers and make them successful in all measures, and when I get too old, I'm going to teach college courses


I'm already grown up and quite happy with working on being precisely and exactly myself. There is no magic future - one is what one fills their hours with and that speaks for itself.


I want to develop interactive graphics and simulations. And teach people how to make cool stuff like that.


The idea of cafe with code review for a coffee sounds great. I think I will try with Beer and call it Brew Commit


I want to be a lazy bum while my mobile app rakes in the dough #thedream


I want to be the best at what I do, make lead a team and make it great, I also want to never stop learning.


I'd like be a world traveler, maybe as a digital nomads.


I want to own a company earning enough to have employees for whom I hope to manage it fairly so everyone is, if not happy to go to work, at least not dreading it.


Earn money by my passion and buy whatever I want :D


I want to teach a lot, I come from a place with a lot of mediocre techies(not blaming anyone). One of the reason is due to lack of quality information and I would love help give them that.


I want to be a front-end web developer that combines my experience as a teacher and love for UX together. I'd love to work Disney in some way.


I dream with someday getting a job as developer in Google


I want to maintain/create a product that helps people connect while being there for the ones I love. Also play more games/watch more anime


I want to build my own company!!!

And Help the young and less fortunate in learning tech


I want to travel and explain my mistakes to juniors.


Really good question! I'd love to be a Game Dev, learn and grow every day, possibly pass the experience I got from this life to someone. Bonus: everything of this, but near to the sea.


Well I didn't imagine myself here that's for sure. Life is like a tree of pruned branches, youl end up at master eventually.

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