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Crossed 200$ in revenue with my first side project

1300 signups and 200$ in revenue on πŸ₯³

What is and how it helps content writers, bloggers and creators?


So I see lots of people on here, linkedin and twitter curate and share some useful resources, that's great and it sure helps a lot of people and also the curator

but there's a problem, it becomes difficult to manage and re-share, copy pasting link again and again while posting on multiple platforms, also difficult to manage, access and retrieve to share later with someone.

That's why we have been working on for few months to help people better manage their bookmarks, learning resources and share resources cross platforms easily. LinkCollect is made to do all thing links, it helps in

linkcollect dashboard image shows collections

  • Personal / private bookmarking (all collections or profile can be made private)

  • Social bookmarking (make, collect and share resources 5x faster, all your resources are just a click away in your browser)

  • Discover and search across collections (find learning resources and other useful links that people collect, and save them too)

  • Share your linkcollect profile, all groups of collections at once

and more stuff that we will be adding on as we proceed : )

linkcollect chrome extension image shows collections

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Ben Halpern


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Barry Michael Doyle

Excellent work! That's so encouraging to see you make something and monetize it within such a short period of time!

How did you manage to share it with so many people? What did that strategy involve?

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Anurag Vishwakarma

Congrats bro πŸ‘Š.

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