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Install and configure AWS cli on Windows machine

There are 2 ways of installing aws cli on your Windows machine .

1-The long and boring way

Go to AWS official page , download the .msi file and the follow the instructions (click, click, click) just like you would normally install a normal software on your Windows machine.

2- Quick and easy through the cli

Make sure that you have chocolatey installed . Click here to learn how to install it
Launch PowerShell and run it as administrator and run the command bellow

 choco install awscli 
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After that you can check your cli version with the command bellow

 aws --version
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Configure your AWS CLI to connect to your AWS console

  • Log into your aws account
  • Head to AIM
  • Head to users
  • Select a user
  • Head to security credential tab and create and access key . Make sure to keep them safe

Now lets configure the cli

aws configure 
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Enter your Access key ID and your Secret access key that you previously downloaded
AWS Access Key ID [*************************]
AWS Secret Access Key [
Default region name [ us-west-2]
Default output format [json]:json
Now you are good to go . To make sure lets check
aws iam list-users

If we get the users information as show in our aws console , that means the configuration is successful and now we can interact with our aws account from the cli.

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