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Ashwin V
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I made a new Telegram bot!

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My friend currently has a poster designing business, for him I made a Client management bot that replies to clients' frequently asked questions and directly chatting through bot!

This bot will answer all the queries that I have programmed and if it finds something that is not programmed it sends:
"Kindly send message to @kejcontact_bot to chat with KEJ's GDC TEAM.🙂 "

After coding, I had errors on deployment in Heroku, and after about 13 hours, I finally deployed it on 13-03-2022 at 11:45 pm😊
Now the bot is working 24*7 I request all viewers to check out my friend's bot developed by me! The link for the telegram bot is:

I also linked another bot made with Livegram bot for chatting with my friend's KEJ's GDC TEAM! Checkout!

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