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How to solve Procfile issue in heroku?

Recently, I posted a blog in which I made a new bot and during the making of it faced an error which was being faced by many people, while deploying in Heroku, I got this error: procfile declares types -> (none)

What it should be shown was procfile declares types -> (worker)
since my project was on python as worker

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The code was correct, but then I realised that Procfile must be with no extension, here I was having it as a text document, so to solve this I made a new file in VS Code but didn't add any extension and wrote the same worker code. That worked! For those who don't use Vs code, there is another solution to create a file without extension!

  1. Click on the Windows Search and type Notepad.
  2. Select the Notepad app from the Search Results.
  3. Write the information that you want.
  4. Go to “File > Save.” Or simply press Ctrl + S keys.
  5. Type the name of the file under inverted commas. Let’s say if you want to save the file with the name sample file, type “sample file” and click on the Save button. After that, Windows will save the file with no extension. Refer,the%20file%20with%20no%20extension. for more clarification.

A lot of people is being in the confusion about this problem, I hope this worked, Follow me if you find this useful.

Thank you😊

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