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ashutoshkrris profile image Ashutosh Krishna ・2 min read

I am writing this blog to showcase some of my little projects built using Django. All of them are open-source, so you can find them on Github. I shall also provide the links of the deployed site as well as the Github Repository.

  1. Shorty - URL Shortening Service
    Shorty is a URL Shortening service built using Django. As a common user, you can generate random as well as custom shortlinks for your loooong urls. Apart from that, if you signup(which is absolutely free), we'll generate unique QR Code for each shortened URLs.As an authenticated user, you can keep track of all your previously shortened URLs too.
    The site is deployed on Heroku and can be found here or
    Github Link :

  2. PyWisher - Automatic Birthday Wisher
    We often forget our friends' birthdays. This project sends email to your friends on their birthdays. Just add an excelsheet containing all the data or simply add it manually on the site and it will be in action from the next minute itself.
    This site is accessible at
    Github Link :

  3. Techink - Blog
    This is a Tech blog built using MERN Stack(MongoDB, ExpressJs, ReactJs and NodeJs).
    This site can be found at
    Github Link :

  4. Password Manager
    This is an ongoing project. It is a password manager that helps you store your passwords securely with encryption. It can also generate random strong passwords for you.

If you liked my projects,please try them and review them in the comments. Also please star them on Github.
Also feel free to raise any issue on Github for bug fixes or improvements.
You can also find me here at


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chadalen profile image
Chad Alen

Do you have a link to the password manager? Curious to see what that looks like.

ashutoshkrris profile image
Ashutosh Krishna Author

Thanks for showing interest!
Password Manager is still under progress and hasn't been deployed yet.
Will notify once it's complete.
Thank you!

priyamharsh14 profile image
Priyam Harsh

Nice collection of django projects 👌

ashutoshkrris profile image
Ashutosh Krishna Author

Thank you.
Hope you tried them out.🤗
Please star them on Github if you liked them.
Thanks Again!