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A chrome extension everyone must have | part 1

A chrome extension everyone must have | part 1 - YouTube

Introducing Merlin, the OpenAI ChatGPT-powered assistant that adds a touch of AI magic to all of your favorite websites with just a simple Cmd/Ctrl+M prompt!...


A single Cmd/Ctrl+M command will activate Merlin, an OpenAI ChatGPT-powered helper that adds a dash of AI magic to all of your favorite websites.

You can utilize OpenAI's ChatGPT on all of your favorite websites, including as Google Search, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Github, thanks to Merlin, a ground-breaking new user interface. You may quickly and simply add answers, summaries, and some fun to your online material with only a few easy clicks.

How it functions

  • Pick any online material

  • To access the Merlin box, use Cmd+M on a Mac or Ctrl+M on a Windows computer.

  • Then, once you've decided what to do with it (write a response, paraphrase, condense, or add some humor), there you have it. You will be in possession of a reply .

Merlin is also great for troubleshooting and excel formulas, and even writing professional emails. It's currently free to use for all V1 users, but stay tuned for a small paywall coming soon. Available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and any Chromium-based browsers. Try it out now at or and let us know what you think!

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