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Top 7 JavaScript Animation Libraries that you must know

Today I will give you suggestion on JavaScript animation libraries


Three.js is a WebGL based 3d animation library. This library allows you to create a scene with a camera and animate objects within it. Three.js is the most popular 3d animation library available for the web


The gsap library is a great way to create high performance animations that work in all major browsers. It allows you to animate CSS, SVGs and generic objects


anime.js a lightweight javascript animation library with a straightforward but powerful api with highly customizable animation effects. it is one of the best all in one animation javascript libraries to use


mo.js is a retina ready javascript motion graphics library with simple declarative APIs that will help you master your motion project quickly you don't worry about large file size overheads as it's modular


Typed.js is a fantastic typing animation library that includes useful customization features such as bulk typing, smart backspacing and type pausing. you can make any set of strings type out smoothly


vivus.js is a lightweight javascript animation library that is specifically designed for svg drawing animations. you can select from a variety of animation types or write your own custopm scripts


proton is an excellent particle animation library that allows you to quickly create a wide range of particle effects with a variety of renderers you can create flames, fireworks, bullets, and even explosions

Scroll Reveal

Scroll revel is a javascript library with no dependencies that you can use to animate your web elements as they scroll into view. Scroll reveal uses the singleton pattern we can call from anywhere

this is it for today post on JavaScript Animation Libraries

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