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Does Google use ChatGPT data to train Bard ? Does It is true

Accusations were made against Google for using ChatGPT data to train its AI chatbot, Bard. However, Google denies these allegations and affirms that it never used any data from ChatGPT. Bard was launched amidst chaos last month with initial criticisms for inaccuracies and a bug during a press conference in Paris. Reports suggest that ChatGPT launch had led to a 'code red' situation at Google offices.

Recently, The Information reported that Google had trained Bard using ChatGPT data, but the tech giant denied these claims in a statement confirmed by spokesman Chris Pappas. Bard is not trained on any ShareGPT or ChatGPT data. It was reported that Google had obtained the ChatGPT data from ShareGPT website.

The Information report reported how former Google AI engineer Jacob Devlin resigned to join OpenAI and warned Google not to use the ChatGPT data as it would violate the OpenAI terms of service. A source told The Information that Google had ceased using the ChatGPT data after receiving warnings from the former employee.

Recently, Google released Bard for public testing, available for select US and UK users who sign up for the waiting list. In an official blog post, Google announced Bard's availability for testing, who is still new to the AI space and expected to make occasional mistakes. A CNBC report revealed that Google CEO Sundar Pichai cautioned employees about possible errors in an email.

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