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Starting 2020 with a coding challenge

asabeneh profile image Asabeneh ・1 min read

30 Days Of JavaScript

We started the new year with a coding challenge and the result was very impressive, we are on day 25th challenge and it has made a great impact.
👉 In the last two months, I have been publishing Python and JavaScript challenges and it reached to every corner of the planet and inspired thousands of developers.

👉 The Python and JavaScript materials are sited by many websites and developers as the best programming reference materials for learning and teaching. I am glad to see that the material has created a world impact in just a short amount of time and this inspired me to do more challenges in the rest of the year.

🔥 The challenges start the first day of every month. You can give a try

💻 30DaysOfJavaScript Github:
💻 30DaysOfPython Github:

👥 Join the 30DaysOfJavaScript group:
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