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30DaysOfHTML Challenge

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HTML(HyperText Markup language) is the building block of all websites. There is no website without HTML. I am the creator of 30DaysOfPython, 30DayOfJavaScript, and 30DaysOfReact. These materials have been trending on GitHub most of the time. My followers have been asking me to produce something similar to JavaScript for HTML and CSS. Some of my followers stack at the DOM section of 30DaysOfJavaScript because of their little knowledge of HTML and CSS. Now, I decided to create 30DaysOfHTML that can be used for people getting started their career as a web developer.

This is for absolute beginners and people who have a dought about their understanding of the HTML. I believe the 30 Days of HTML challenge will help lots of people to join the IT industry with a very good understanding of the web.
Good luck and Happy Coding!

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