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Learn React in a new approach

asabeneh profile image Asabeneh ・1 min read

I have been teaching react for the last two years and thinking for so long to create a react material which can help people learn the basics of react and also advanced concepts and it seems now is the time.

So far, I have created 30DaysOfJavaScript and 30DaysOfPython challenge material. These materials helped quite a lot of people to understand the technologies better and now I decided also to create react learning material. I hope this material will also help quite a lots of people to really understand react and to be comfortable with it. Now, it is just the beginning and you may have a look at and if you are just getting started react I would recommend to give it a try.

This is the github repo for the material

💻 React for Everyone:

Other materials

💻 JavaScript for Everyone:
💻 30DaysOfJavaScript Github:
💻 30DaysOfPython Github:

👥 Join the 30DaysOfJavaScript group:
👥 Join the 30DaysOfPython group:

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