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The first JavaScript Challenge in 2020: 30 Days Of JavaScript Challenge

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I am a programming teacher and I love teaching. I teach JavaScript, React, Redux, Node and Python. In the end of 2019, I was thinking to expand my teaching and to reach to global audience and I started a Python challenge from November 20 - December 19. It was one of the most rewarding and inspiring experience. I managed to reach more than 15 thousand people. Many started to use the material and the github repo was trending on github for one day. Some of the participants have asked me to create a JavaScript and React challenge.

Now, I have just launched a 30DaysOfJavaScript challenge. In this challenge, you will learn everything you need about JavaScript. At the end of the challenge I will use Node, Express,EJS, and MondoDB to develop a fullstack application. In addition to that the challenge will have about more than 5 DOM projects.

Let's start the new year with JavaScript. Many of you have been waiting for it for so long, finally it is here.

DAY 1 of 30DaysOfJavaScript has been released.

šŸ’» JavaScript Challenge Github: ttps://https://lnkd.in/efqy_df
šŸ’» Python challenge Github: https://github.com/Asabeneh/30-Days-Of-Python
šŸ‘„ Join the group:https://t.me/ThirtyDaysOfJavaScript

šŸ“… Start your new year or monthly resolution with coding.

Good Luck!! āœØ

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This year is about learning new stuff and getting back on the right track again, why not start with this amazing gem?! I'm in. Thank you for this!

It will be also good practice to re-learn GitHub, as I'm about to upgrade my PC in the middle of the month. And never really used the platform on my solo stuff.


Definitely a great way to start this new year coding!! best wishes from Tijuana Mexico! keep it up.


Can you contact me please I want to take any of the courses.?



The courses are available for free. Just click the links and start learning.


I do all the communication via LinkedIn. You can follow me on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/asabeneh/


Yeah !!! Good initiative!!!
People will learn a lot


Good job. I am also searching for this. Thanks.


This is absolutely incredible! You've put a lot of work in, and I'm excited to see how this goes


Thank you for the hard work.


Fix "JavaScript Challenge Github" link, it's duplicated


Approximately how much hours would it take to complete? I have already started reading through the materials. Thanks for this initiative.


This is very difficult question to answer. It depends on your background. For absolute beginners it may take more than 100 days if they study 4 hours every day.


time to post new challenge javascript?


Thanks tons for this tutorial Iā€™m sure many will benefit from such.