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How to Install Obsidian On Linux | Set it's $PATH variable

In this blog we will learn about

  1. How to download Obsidian App Image.
  2. How to install and set up the $PATH for obsidian.

Let's get started.


  • First of all, install the AppImage from the link. This file will probably be downloaded in your Home/Downloads folder.


  • Now open a terminal in your Home/Downloads folder.
  • You have to make this AppImage an executable file by using
sudo chmod +x Obsidian-1.1.9.AppImage
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  • After that you have to rename the Obsidian-1.1.9.AppImage to obsidian using
mv Obsidian-1.1.9.AppImage obsidian
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  • Then you'll have to create a new folder for obsidian at usr/bin and then copy the obsidian file to that folder.
sudo mkdir /usr/bin/obsidian
sudo cp obsidian /usr/bin/obsidian/obsidian
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  • Now to add the PATH. You have to set the variable name in ~/.profile. This can be done by using
gedit ~/.profile (any text precessor)
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/obsidian
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in the terminal to open the file. Then adding line export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/obsidian at the end of your ~/.profile file.

  • Save and then close the file. You also have to restart the device to use these changes.
  • Now you can run obsidian from Application Launcher by Alt + F2 then typing obsidian. And from terminal by Ctrl + Alt + T then typing obsidian.

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Jonathan Zollinger

it's worth noting that if you want obsidian to show up in application launcher like Rofi you'll need to create a .desktop file in your user's ~/.local/share/applications directory. As an example, this is what I have for my Apache Directory Studio:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Apache Directory Studio
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I'm still installing obsidian otherwise I'd post that example lol