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Install CMake on Windows

I am working on a project which require me to build and compile MariaDB database. To build MariaDB, CMake is required. CMake will first verify on which operating system, it is being run, then it will create and\or copy the appropriate directories, files on the operating system.


It is an open source software under the BSD-3-Clause license. C++ compiler is required to run CMake build system. CMake is used in the software development industry for build automation, testing, packaging and installation of software.

CMake is not a build system, it creates the build system files for other operating systems, which includes support for directory hierarchy.

Let's install CMake on windows.

Download the code

Choose executable from the list
At this time, the current version is 3.26.0

Install CMake from the executable

Step 1 Double click on the downloaded executable file

Step 2 Follow the instructions on the screen



Alert : Make sure to add CMake to the PATH






Step 2 Make sure CMake is installed on the system

Reboot your Machine.

# Command 
where cmake
# Output
C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe
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CMake is properly installed on your system.

Disclaimer: I have been working on a project which require me to install, configure, troubleshoot various packages on multiple Operating system. If you find any issue, please reach out to me.

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