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Add program to PATH

We add programs to the environment in Windows to make them easily accessible from the command prompt or any other shell.

When a program is added to the environment, its executable file's path is added to the PATH variable. The PATH variable is a system variable that lists the directories where executable files are located. When a command is entered into the command prompt, the system searches through the directories listed in the PATH variable for the executable file associated with that command.

By adding a program to the environment, you don't have to navigate to the program's directory every time you want to run it. You can simply open the command prompt and run the program by entering its name. Additionally, some programs require other programs or libraries to function properly, and adding them to the environment can make it easier to manage dependencies.

How to add programs step by step:

Image description step 1

Image description step 2

Image description step 3

Image description step 4

Image description step 5

Image description step 6

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