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02 - Process and Memory Architecture

This chapter delves into the PostgreSQL process and memory architecture, illuminating the complex workings of this potent relational database management system. It's essential to comprehend the architecture of the underlying processes if you want to manage database clusters and optimize performance.

Process Architecture

PostgreSQL has a multi-process architecture and a client/server operating system, running on a single host. The PostgreSQL server is made up of various sorts of processes that collaborate to effectively administer a database cluster. Let's examine these procedures in more detail:


Memory Architecture

Local memory and shared memory are the two fundamental components of PostgreSQL's memory architecture. These regions have specific functions and are essential to the effective running of the database system.


Closing Remarks

It's crucial to comprehend PostgreSQL's process and memory architecture if you want to manage database clusters, optimize performance, and make sure your PostgreSQL-powered applications run without a hitch. You may understand how queries are handled and resources are managed by understanding the functions and interactions of the postgres server process, backend processes, and background processes. Additionally, being familiar with the memory architecture enables you to adjust memory settings, enhancing the efficiency of query execution and system performance as a whole.

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