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Arthur E. Levandoski
Arthur E. Levandoski

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Hello Dev

Wow, I feel immense pressure writing this first post. Not unlike the pressure I often when learning to code.

I'm 46. I haven't coded since my TRS-80 computer from RadioShack. Ok, who remembers RadioShack? But I've always had an interest.

I wish that I had the tools and educational resources I do today back when I got my first real PC. Back then however you had to hope someone had a bootleg of Visual Basic, even then you had no real way to learn it. At least not the way you can learn today.

Back in 2020, I found Udemy. At the time I needed to learn Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. From there I found an Intro to Coding course. I enjoyed it so I explored it more. I then took a course in web development and eventually I found myself venturing into the realm of game development.

Since I am a complete noob and I wasn't learning for a current or new job I spent the last year or so exploring different venues. Today I am beginning to settle in. My current areas of study are Python, C#, HTML, and CSS. I'm using Visual Studio 2022 and the WordPress environment which is actually for my current job.

I blog about my journey to become an indie game developer on my website D24 Indie Games. The blog has been an essential tool in helping me continue forward.

Happy to be here on DEV and looking forward to taking my coding journey to the next level.

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