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Function Point Counter

A PWA made with Svelte to help you to count function points of your projects!

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

To count function points is tricky. I have been requested to count function points earlier this year and I had no idea how to do it. I was helped to fill the created spreadsheet and there it was.. the function point count for my project.
But how is this done ? What is the concepts behind it ?

So I have decided to create in my spare time a project to kind of explain the concepts and make the function point count for me. Well not just for me.. to everyone that may be interested in that stuff.

In order to create and finish this project I had to study function points and this process lead me to learn the concepts. I find it one of the best ways to learn something.

What is Function Point?

Function Point Analysis (FPA) is a sizing measure of clear business significance. First made public by Allan Albrecht of IBM in 1979, the FPA technique quantifies the functions contained within software in terms that are meaningful to the software users. The measure relates directly to the business requirements that the software is intended to address. It can therefore be readily applied across a wide range of development environments and throughout the life of a development project, from early requirements definition to full operational use. Other business measures, such as the productivity of the development process and the cost per unit to support the software, can also be readily derived.The function point measure itself is derived in a number of stages. Using a standardized set of basic criteria, each of the business functions is a numeric index according to its type and complexity. These indices are totaled to give an initial measure of size which is then normalized by incorporating a number of factors relating to the software as a whole. The end result is a single number called the Function Point index which measures the size and complexity of the software product.

In summary, the function point technique provides an objective, comparative measure that assists in the evaluation, planning, management and control of software production.

I have followed the - IFPUG − ISO/IEC 20926:2009 Software and systems engineering - Software measurement - IFPUG functional size measurement method.

Most part of it anyway. Some parts may not follow the ISO so I don't want to say I follow all the way.

The Svelte, The PWA and The Project

Svelte is a great technology it is a compiler and in my humble opinion better than Vue and any other frontend framework out there. I have worked with it in other projects and so far it has not disappointed me. So I trully recommend it.

The PWA part is something cool, it enables a website to become an app. No web stores, no burocracy at least not for the user, you can easilly install and uninstall no worries.

The project uses Svelte with the PWA approach because I think that PWA is worth to be spread and encouraged.

Try It!

Check the project at

Image description

Other Projects

SCR - Svelte Client Router

Test it:

Finance Notes PWA App

So almost one year later I started and like I said almost giving up. I finished the project. Spend some money hiring a VPN server. Had to learn a lot to configure and secure it.
If you want to see it visit

Finance Notes App

That is It!

If you liked the project or want to send comments, suggestions and, above all, point out improvements and errors found, please contact me. See my LinkedIn profile at the bottom of project page.

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