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This is How Generative AI Will Look in the Next 10โ€“15 Years ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ”ฅ

First things -
Disclaimer: The content of this article is speculative and does not guarantee the realisation of mentioned AI advancements. I take no responsibility for actual outcomes. Happy Reading!


Generative AI is a powerful form of AI that promises new and improved designs. From real images and real audio to personalised text and video, there are many sectors and areas of AI application. In this article, we explore how the future of artificial intelligence will change short- and long-term predictions in various fields.

Short term: 2-3 years


In the next 2-3 years, artificial intelligence will influence computer graphics and animation, especially in the field of 3D models. Technology will lead to the creation of real characters and environments useful for industries such as games, movies and commercials.
Another area that will see progress is the understanding and communication of words, enabling human-like interactions with virtual assistants and chatbots. This will improve their ability to perform tasks such as booking, ordering and returning information.

Productive AI will also play an important role in saving energy and protecting the environment. It will contribute to sustainable energy use by optimising energy use and production, forecasting energy needs and integrating renewable energy.

In addition, productive artificial intelligence will revolutionise transportation by improving traffic flow and reducing congestion.
It will analyse the data and recommend the best transport route and mode, as well as help predict vehicle maintenance needs.

In essence, productive AI will redefine business in the short run and increase productivity across industries.

Long Term: 10-15 years


Looking to the next ten or twenty years, the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence will expand further with more effective and disruptive applications. One such activity is architecture, urban planning and construction, which will assist in planning and decision making by helping to create and test real simulations prior to actual construction.

The manufacturing and textile manufacturing industries will also benefit from productive AI as it facilitates the discovery of new materials and components for quality improvement, efficiency and customisation.

Another exciting application is the advancement of natural language, its diversification and creation of new content in fields such as journalism, authorship and analysis. It will also be easier to treat yourself according to your own preferences, tastes and feelings.

Generative Artificial Intelligence will contribute to the development of autonomous vehicles by creating realistic simulated environments for testing and training. This will provide a safer, more reliable autonomous vehicle and a more integrated and beneficial experience for passengers.

In addition, from audio to property, it will allow users to create digital objects or scenes from narration useful for education, theatre and entertainment.


Generative AI is a technology that has a significant impact on industries and operations. It is possible to create and develop different content, increase access and efficiency, and contribute to real simulation, shaping the future in ways we can only imagine. According to forecasts, productive AI will inevitably continue to push the boundaries of technological progress and innovation.

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions or other guesses in the comments below!

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Dom Sipowicz

I did few months ago a thread on X about how AI will look in a decade:

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Philip John Basile

pretty cool!