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Arindam Mitra
Arindam Mitra

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Error: No hosted parallelism has been purchased or granted

Greetings my fellow Technology Advocates and Specialists.

In this Troubleshooting Session, I will demonstrate, how I resolved the encountered error - "No Hosted Parallelism has been Purchased or Granted" while executing Azure DevOps Pipeline.

Very Recently, I created one additional New DevOps Organisation.

Below follows the Details:-

DevOps Organisation URL
DevOps Organisation Owner
DevOps Project AMCLOUD
DevOps Service Connection amcloud-cicd-service-connection
Repo Name AMREPO

As soon as I executed my First Pipeline on Microsoft Hosted Build Agent, below error was encountered:-

Image description

When verified under DevOps Organisation Settings > Pipelines > Parallel jobs > Private projects, Parallel Jobs was set to 0 for Microsoft-Hosted.

Reference Screenshot follows below:-

Image description

Browse to below link (It was mentioned in the error screenshot.)

Fill the Form and Submit. Microsoft then takes 2 -3 Business Days to process the Request.

Image description
Image description
Image description

Free Tier Request was then completed by Microsoft.
Below is how the Email Response from Microsoft looks like:-

Image description

Changes are reflected in DevOps Organisation.

Image description

Finally, when Pipeline is executed again, Earlier Encountered Error was no more found. It was Resolved.

Image description

Hope You Enjoyed the Session!!!

Stay Safe | Keep Learning | Spread Knowledge

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