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Useful tools for web development in MontereyOS

In this article I am going to share some daily tools that are pretty useful in my local development environment with MontereyOS.


Free All-in-One Database Version Management Tool, works with PostgreSQL, MySQL and Redis, it support multiple versions of this engines, if you are using a intel chip you got all engines available, if you are working with APPLE M1 machine you are only able to use Mysql & Redis

Download here

Postgres App

If you are working with Apple M1 machine you would need to wait until you are able to use Postgres with DBngin, so here is a great solution to manage postgres in M1 devices.

You can download it here

You should "turn on" the postgres server and then use a database client to interact/create/delete different postgreSQL databases.


It has a free plan with some limitations, but most of the time it is useful even with the free plan.

Definitely locally you would need some sort of database client and there are a lot that are pretty cool like SequelPro, an advantage with TablePlus is that it works for different database engines.

You can download it here

VS Code

If you want a free code editor that enables a lot of capabilities to work with any PHP/Laravel app without problem you can use VSCode and add plugins to make it works pretty similar to PHPstorm, with some little downsides

You can download it here


It is paid, but there are free plans for students and open source project creators.

Definitely you should need a code IDE or at least a code editor, in this case PHPStorm offers a lot more features so why not?

You can download it Here


It is a paid software, but it adds debugging new abilities to different technologies/languages, it works for PHP, Laravel, NodeJS, Vue, Go, Ruby, etc.

You can check the docs here


It is a paid product too, it helps you to test ideas, prototype code and test local applications or using ssh by checking your code output in remote applications too.

You can download it here

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