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Everything about Programming, in One Place

As a programmer, or a CS enthusiast, or even a CS student, what are the most common stuff you do except writing code?

Probably it's

  • Searching up articles
  • Looking for resources here and there
  • Finding challenges to learn from
  • To explore happenings of the computer science world

In any of the cases, we can feel you. I know, it just sucks to find stuff out cuz that's time taking, it affects your productivity for sure. There's not always you find suitable stuff. Me for example, find the same challenges in most of the websites, very common ones.

So this post is about a Newsletter. WAIT, before fleeing off thinking I'm acting like a salesperson, c'mon, read the whole post then judge.

CS Voyager

After months of work, we are on our journey to making CS Voyager more awesome

If you dont know what in world this CS Voyager is, let me brief it.

We believe that, In the near future many new CS domains and techs are going to emerge to revolutionize the world.To keep ourselves updated with these changing technologies, we (youth) should also have the latest skills in the field of CS, which in turn can help us contribute to digitizing our planet and being a CS-aware citizen in the world of technology.

So, To keep the motivation and knowledge flowing, We have came us with an Idea of "CS Voyager"

CS Voyager is a monthly newsletter which will keep you updated with the latest happenings around the globe in the field of Computer Science & will provide focused knowledge specifically designed for CS enthusiasts. Just like a person who goes on voyages, our newsletter is on its voyage & shall explore a different part of CS and this evolving Technology era & present them in front of the reader.

What all can I get?

  • News and Latest Happenings
    You will get the latest info about fascinating thing which has happened or is going to happen, in the field of CS around the globe recently.

  • Programming Tips and Tricks
    You will be given few coding tips & tricks every month to improve the execution of your coding skills & may be to show off your friends...

  • Games and CodeJams
    Bored..? So here we are with some cool games through which you can relax yourself along in your journey of learning & exploring CS & CodeJams will help you to compete with your fellow learners to know your standings at the national level

  • A lot to learn
    Various articles will be published on learning new skills and enriching your skills. You'll get a lot of fun stuff to explore and can get hands on with more resources without much searching.

  • Fascinating Stories and Articles
    Stories About incidents that have happened recently in the field of CS, sometimes funny sometimes scandalous, which will make you a CS-Aware citizens & Fun activites will keep your motivation high to keep learning in this field.


When does the newsletter get updated

The newsletter is updated on the 7th of each month.

Why should you read CS Voyager?

CS Voyager helps you to learn more about technology. We include articles on great inventions using technology which will help you learn more about the Computer Science field and will increase your curiosity and interest for learning more! It's not about school, it's not about limited access to education, it's totally about YOU

Who should read CS Voyager?

Are you interested in learning about Computer Science? Are you a technology enthusiast? Are you curious about inventions done with Computer Science? Then this website is the one for you! Go for it!

Subscribe to the Newsletter

Subscribing is as free as the Subscribe button in YouTube (without the Ads ofcourse)

Just few simple steps!

Subscribe using this form.

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Subscription is easy, just enter a few details and you are done!

Write for CSV

Wanna publish your article at the newsletter to make it reach hundreds of other people?

Join us through discord


Mail us at giving a brief about your article, how it will help people and attaching a link/file of your article

Current Status

We have successfully published 2 editions of our newsletter, and are looking forward to our next one, which will arrive soon

CS Voyager has crossed 100 subscribers!! Hence more than 100 people are now reading CS Voyager from around the world

Contact Us

Official Website:

As always, I'm open to feedback

Thank You,

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