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React Todo Tutorial Series

Hello dear readers 😄 ,

it is time to do a tutorial on react state management. Thats why I build out the same application 5 times. If you're interested to just jump right in and open the Github repo. I organised the different versions in branches, so if you just want the basic hardcoded application use the master branch.

We will cover:

  • building a basic todo app with react and bulma
  • using reacts state and conetext api to manage todos
  • using MobX to do the job
  • using Redux
  • using easy-peasy to simlify redux

In the future we will maybe add a database to our app and make it sharable. So stay tuned in and follow the articles 😎

Discussion (3)

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ArcticSpaceFox Author

UPDATE: I worked on the data store which will introduce data persistency and the ability to share it with other peers. The update should be on Github.
PS: part 3, 4 and 5 are almost done and ready to publish

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Sung M. Kim

Thanks for the series, @sm03lebr00t 👋

I already see two parts in your thread, and you can group them using series under Front Matter -

Adding the series meta would make your series render like following.


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ArcticSpaceFox Author

Thank you for the Tip 😁 I will do that in a second.