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Welcome Brave to my web life. My suffering with Firefox has come to an end.

In my previous article, I told you guys and gals that I moved from Chrome to Firefox, which had been a disaster. The issues were more severe as the time went by. For instance, when I started, even though I didn't get any notifications from Facebook, I could still call my friends and family members on Facebook Messenger in Firefox 112. Later, the calling feature suddenly stopped working to this day. Today, in Firefox 117, the messenger window blinks when I send a message. It's unbearable. I have suffered far too much in Firefox, so I quit.

Then, there's Brave, another popular alternative to Chrome, which is also 100% open-source. It also adds many useful features to the de facto standard Chromium base (website compatibility is good, and PWA is ready to use OOTB). For instance, I can open a new Tor private window without installing the Tor Browser, though it still remains to be seen on mobile, see issue #4364. Another very useful feature is a no-logging language translation feature, which works on both desktop and mobile, removes your IP addresses associated with requests submitted to the translation service.

Brave AI is the feature I like the most

Brave AI screenshot

Brave AI, AKA AI Summarizer, is the feature that resides in the Brave search engine. This is the first time I didn't switch my browser's search engine to Google right after I installed the browser that has not set its default search engine to Google.

There's also Brave Leo that's built on top of Brave AI. It is basically an AI chat in Brave browser. Currently, it's available in nighty channel only. From my testing, it returns very useful results.


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Compared to Firefox, Brave introduces many unique experiences to the users without any issues that have not yet been fixed in Firefox's dying Gecko engine. It's a true alternative to Google Chrome that any user can use, offering an innovative feature set and the best in class performance. I rarely run out of RAM when using Chrome or any Chromium-based browsers, but it happens all the time in Firefox. Brave on my Android phone and tablet is as fast as Chrome, while Firefox is struggling all the time. However, this could be just my opinion based on my personal experience. But anyone can try for themselves.

I learned my lesson the hard way for several months. Moving from Chrome to Firefox was the greatest mistake in years of my IT life. Even though there's no video hardware acceleration for Linux users running on Wayland session, I can still watch any video on any site without any issue, just as not efficiently as it should be - see Chromium Issue 1326754. But a working video hardware acceleration is not worth many unfixable/has no plan to fix issues in Firefox. This is my conclusion. I got it the hard way. I want to share it with everyone.

This is it for today. I hope my article is as useful as ever. Bye 💨

Cover Photo by Ahmed Galal on Unsplash

A woman standing in the desert Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

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