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To visit Arjditor, click here

To check out the Github Repo, click here

To watch the Demo Video, click here

Developed By:

Jaydip Dey

Archan Banerjee

## Feature
✅ Supports 7 programming languages including C, C++, Java, Python etc.

✅ Users can select themes (github, monokai etc.) according to their choices .

✅ They can also choose the font size.

✅ It also serves the purpose of running the code with or without input as per the user's choice.

✅ Users can generate the URL using the Run and Generate URL button and can share their codes to others. Others can view the the same code with the URL.

How to run locally

➡️ Clone the repository

➡️ Create a config.env file and add MONGO_URI and PORT with your own credentials.

➡️Run npm install both inside the client folder and the root folder.

➡️Run node server in the root folder and npm start in the client folder.

➡️App starts running on port 3000. You are good to code!

Do ⭐ the repo if you like and feel free to contribute by PR

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