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Deploying your ReactJS App to Github Pages

Why host your React portfolio app with GitHub Pages?

  1. It's Free!
  2. Real time updates
  3. Making your code open-source, It is a great way to showcase your skills Custom-domain, if you have existing domain, you can add a CNAME file to your repository
  4. It's Easy!

Note: GitHub Pages is a static service and does not support server-side scripting such as, PHP, Ruby, or Python.

Here is a new quick tutorial on how to deploy your reactJS application via Github Pages. I still prefer Heroku for dynamic web apps but here is the quick guide if you have a very simple React App and wanted to deploy it quickly to add it to your Frontend Development skills portfolio


Note: I am using yarn as my package manager.
I already created my github repo and React project

  1. Install GitHub Pages package as a dev-dependency
yarn add gh-pages 
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  1. Add properties needed to package.json file
"homepage": "http://{github_username}{your-app-repo-title}"
"scripts": {
  "predeploy": "yarn run build",
  "deploy": "gh-pages -b master -d build"
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  1. Then Deploy it in your local terminal
yarn deploy
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And Done! The branch that Github pages used is the gh-pages not the master. Everytime you deploy it will update the gh-pages branch.

You can now check your app at this URL format: http://{github_username}{your-repo-title}

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Matheus de Campos

Very simple!

aralovelace profile image
April Smith

yes it is! I love React!