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JS Polyfills - Call, Apply, Bind

If you are here, I guess you would either be looking for new opportunities or honing your skills. I would like to help for either reasons with this article. Let's directly jump in to the topic without wasting our read time 🤘

Polyfill for Call


What exactly is this 🧐 -> arguments[0].fn = this;

In this above statement this refers to calling function i.e; displayUser

  • We are creating a property(fn) on object and assigning displayUser function to it
  • Above would create an additional property fn on the passed object(user)
  • Now, fn would have access to this on user object as fn is user objects property now
  • So, pass only parameters now to function fn now, as it takes care of this
  • Look at the code below and compare with lines written inside function runCall

Polyfill for Apply

Apply polyfill is similar to call except that apply takes arguments as Array along with object(context)

Polyfill for Bind

Here comes the solution for our wait, atleast I feel though 😉

There are two functions created for bind polyfill in the above code. One is using [] and the other one is using rest/spread syntax ...arguments

Thank you for taking time to read my article. I know there would always be something to improve. Please feel free to share your thoughts 👐

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Oleg Vaskevich

arguments[0].fn(...[],1)); You implementing call polyfill using call, how is that even polyfill?