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Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Are you eager to expand your knowledge and skills in 2023? Look no further than Coursera's Black Friday deal – an incredible offer you won't want to miss. For a limited time, you can access all courses for just $1, presenting a fantastic opportunity to explore new subjects and learn from top instructors worldwide.

Whether you're delving into data science, business, or technology, Coursera has a course tailored for you. With over 6,000 courses available, you have the flexibility to choose from a diverse range of topics and skill levels, all at your own pace.

Coursera's Black Friday 2023 Deal

Coursera's Black Friday 2023 deal is the perfect opportunity for those looking to enhance their skills in IT or business. For only $1, you gain access to all the courses on Coursera for an entire month. This exclusive offer is available for a limited time only, so don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the world of IT or business.

Coursera's extensive selection of courses covers various topics, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more. Whether you're a novice or an expert, Coursera caters to everyone, allowing you to learn at your own pace and fit education into your busy schedule.

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How to Avail the $1 Deal

If you're eager to grab a discount on Coursera courses during the Black Friday sale, follow these simple steps to avail of the $1 deal for the first month of Coursera Plus:

Sign Up Process

  1. Go to the Coursera website and click on the "Sign Up" button.
  2. Fill out the required fields with your name, email address, and password.
  3. Choose the option to sign up for Coursera Plus.
  4. Enter your payment details to complete the sign-up process.

Course Selection

  1. Once signed up for Coursera Plus, access over 6,000 courses from top universities and companies.
  2. Browse the courses and select the ones you are interested in taking.
  3. Enroll in as many courses as you want during the first month of Coursera Plus.

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Payment Procedure

  1. After the first month of Coursera Plus, you will be charged the regular monthly fee.
  2. If you do not wish to continue, cancel your subscription before the end of the first month to avoid charges.
  3. To cancel, go to your account settings, click on the "Billing" tab, then select "Cancel Subscription" and follow the prompts.

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Course Categories Under the Deal

If you're eager to learn something new, Coursera's Black Friday deal covering all courses for just $1 is the ideal opportunity. The categories covered under this deal include:

  • Data Science

    • Courses in data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.
    • Popular courses: "Applied Data Science with Python," "Data Science Methodology," and "Data Science Essentials."
  • Computer Science

    • Courses in programming, web development, and computer networks.
    • Popular courses: "Programming for Everybody," "Introduction to HTML5," and "Computer Networks."
  • Business

    • Courses in entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing.
    • Popular courses: "Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies," "Financial Markets," and "Marketing Analytics."
  • Artificial Intelligence

    • Courses in machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.
    • Popular courses: "AI for Everyone," "Neural Networks and Deep Learning," and "Natural Language Processing."

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Benefits of the $1 Deal

Coursera's Black Friday deal at just $1 provides numerous benefits for upskilling or reskilling:

  • Access to Premium Content

    • Access premium content from top universities like Stanford, Yale, and Princeton, and leading companies like Google, IBM, and Amazon.
    • Choose from topics such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming, and business.
  • Certificate of Completion

    • Receive a certificate upon completing a course, enhancing your resume or LinkedIn profile.
    • Stand out in the job market and increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities

    • Gain new skills and knowledge to advance in your career.
    • Explore new career paths and industries with courses in different fields.
    • Utilize Coursera's career services for job search assistance and resume reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Coursera's Black Friday deals? Check out these FAQs:

  • What is Coursera Black Friday?

    • A special sale event offering significant discounts on courses and subscriptions.
  • Deals during Coursera Black Friday 2023?

    • All courses for just $1 and potential discounts on Coursera Plus subscriptions.
  • When does Coursera Black Friday 2023 start?

    • Expected a few days before Thanksgiving, running through Cyber Monday.
  • How long are the deals available?

    • Limited time only, so act promptly to avoid missing out.
  • Refund policy during Coursera Black Friday 2023?

    • A 7-day refund policy for courses and subscriptions.

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Terms and Conditions of the Deal

Planning to take advantage of Coursera's Black Friday deal? Understand these key terms and conditions:

  • Valid until November 24, 2023, 11:59 p.m. PT for new Coursera Plus subscribers only.
  • Regular Coursera Plus subscription is $59 per month, but with the deal, it's just $1.
  • Access over 7,000 courses, specializations, and certificate programs from top universities and companies.
  • Includes a 7-day free trial, allowing you to try the service before committing.
  • Cancel anytime within the first 7 days to avoid charges.
  • Not all courses are included; check details before enrolling.
  • Deal applicable only for new Coursera Plus subscribers.

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In conclusion, Coursera's Black Friday deal for 2023 is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to learn new skills or advance their career. For just $1, access a myriad of courses in IT, business, data science, and more. Whether upskilling, reskilling, or exploring new topics, Coursera's Black Friday deal offers an affordable and convenient way to do so.

With the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your schedule, it's an investment in education and future endeavors. Certificates and degrees upon course completion add value to your resume, aiding in standing out to potential employers. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer – start learning today!

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