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Team Communication

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Every team consists of members with backgrounds, personalities and at different stages of their lives. Members adopt as the team evolves and recreates new communication dynamics every time. As cotton clothes get stronger with threading, so does the team evolve, taking threading as a communication line. Now, single threading might only last briefly for all the reasons we know. Therefore, revisit the team’s communication flow and whether multi-threading is happening. The team has to know it all, create multiple dependencies for pieces of information, and, as a result, leaders are born. It’s always good to rethink your communication model. What are the guidelines we create and distribute to the team? Do we foster feedback and learn from it, or is feedback only given and taken at random acts? By having clearly-defined goals, objectives, deadlines, and resources before a cross-functional team begins working on a project, we can avoid being part of the dysfunctional Team. As a Leader, you set the tone. The way you communicate and collaborate will impact your entire team. Therefore, ensure you’re working as a team member on communicating without stitching the thread out of the clothes.

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