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Time flies. Web and App Studio will soon be rebranded. It has taken its space on the market and is yet ready to adapt and match the new, upcoming market changes. As we all grow and change over time, a brand should also transform - or, more apt, adapt. Whether selling new products or simply updating a logo, a rebrand keeps a company modern and reminds customers that they are still in business. But rebranding shouldn’t be taken lightly. It takes your company’s reputation at stake if you miss the mark. Rebranding is when a company redoes or improves branding elements: Name, Logo, colour palette, typography, etc. The idea is that if a company is changing, they want people to know about it. On a deeper level, you revisit your strategy, target audience, guidelines, collateral and everything that deserves an opportunity to get revised. Unless the core of the business hasn’t changed, you won’t need to make an extra effort to announce the change times ahead. When it’s time for the public launch, frame your rebranding as a story. Share some behind-the-scenes details about your rebranding, such as what you like about why you’ve changed your values and mission statement. This makes your brand more personable and relatable, plus you come across as more confident about your new look. Now’s not the time to be humble - you put all this effort into redoing your brand, don’t be afraid to show it off! And very soon, we will have our time to show it off.

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