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#30DaysOfAppwrite : Week#3 Recap

It's a wrap! Week 3 of #30daysOfAppwrite is now officially over! We learnt so much during this week that its hard to talk about everything here! So here's a quick summary and links to the original posts if you would like to learn more. Grab some 🍿 popcorn and read along! But before we start we just want to say that you gave us a reason to enjoy this weekend and we love you for that! You helped us make it to Github Trending again!

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👩‍💻 Appwrite Database

On Day 15, we introduced you all to the Appwrite Database. We learnt about the different concepts revolving around the database like documents, collections, rules, permissions, filters, nested documents etc. We taught you how you can create your first collection in Appwrite using a Books Collection as an example.

🧐 Database Design

On Day 16 we designed the collections required for our blog app. We have two entities in our blog namely Posts and Users. We created collections for each of them using the concepts we learnt on Day 15.

🚀 Create User Profiles

On Day 17 we learnt how to leverage the database and create public profiles for users that sign up. We went back to our blog demo and wrote a lot of markup and JS code to make this possible.

✍️ Create Blog Posts

On Day 18 we finally added support for you to create and view all your blog posts! We also created a home page to display all your amazing blog articles!

💿 Appwrite Storage API

On Day 19 we learnt how Appwrite manages your files in storage. We learnt about file permissions and how you can use them to restrict access to your users' files. We also explored all the endpoints in the Storage API. We also talked about the ongoing work to integrate storage buckets like S3 opening up a world of possibilities for Appwrite users!

📂 File uploads and downloads

On Day 20 we added file upload and download functionality to our blog app! User's of our blog app can now upload cover images for their articles! Now that's a neat feature to have!

👨 Appwrite Avatars API

On Day 21 we explored Appwrite's Avatars API! It's a really cool and fun little API that allows you to fetch favicons, fetch remote images and serve them securely over TLS, generate avatar images and even generate QR Codes!

💻 Appwrite CLI

On day 22 we looked at one of Appwrite's favourite tools! Yes you guessed it! The Appwrite CLI. We walked through the steps to install the CLI and learnt the usage of some sample commands!


⏭ What's next ?

In the last week of #30DaysOfAppwrite, we'll cover Appwrite's most powerful feature, ☁️ Cloud Functions! The reason Cloud Functions are so cool 😎 is that they allow you to implement any kind of custom logic that you would want for your Application! You can integrate with 3rd party apps and services, interact with 3rd party APIs and lots more! The possibilities are endless! We will teach you what it takes to create and deploy your first Cloud Function.

We will follow up with some interesting examples of cloud functions triggered using events and CRON Jobs. Next up is JWT support that was introduced in our latest Release 🚀 Appwrite 0.8. Deploying Appwrite in production is our next topic where we teach you the best practices while deploying your own instance of Appwrite on your servers.

If 🐳 Docker Swarm and Grafana integration sounds exciting to you, that's exactly what's next! We've saved all the coolest stuff in Appwrite for the last week, so make sure you don't miss out on anything! 🤩

You can follow #30DaysOfAppwrite on Social Media to keep up with all of our posts. The complete event timeline can be found here

Feel free to reach out to us on Discord if you would like to learn more about Appwrite, Aliens or Unicorns 🦄. Stay tuned for tomorrow's article! Until then 👋

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