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An Introduction To MongoDB Realm (Part 1)

MongoDB Atlas is a comprehensive platform for building data driven applications. While most people know Mongo for their document style database, the capabilities of their cloud platform can empower an individual developer to do great things - fast. I think it starts to get interesting when you learn about Realm.

Realm originally was an open source, object database oriented towards the mobile market. They made it easy to sync data between clients(phones and tablets) and a database. However today it is a platform that:

builds better apps faster with edge-to-cloud sync and fully managed backend services including triggers, functions, and GraphQL.

The fact that Realm sits right on top of your database means you can easily stand up an API with authentication in minutes. Realm does a lot of the heavy lifting for you - it creates the schema, runs a validation, and helps you craft your queries.

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Beyond just GraphQL, Realm can also host a single page application or static site, run serverless functions, and perform magic with Sync. If you do it right, your entire stack can be on Atlas. We're going to create a web app to do just that.

Check out Part 2 where we will go into preparing our MongoDB Collection for GraphQL.

Nicholas Oxford

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