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Learning new language in context with chatGPT

I used to love learning new words from flashcards. But later I started wanting a more richful type of learning. For example reading texts which use the words I'm learning. So called, learning in context.

But how to get a text with particular words You want to learn? Here's where chatGPT comes into play. My workstation looks like this:

Image description

  1. I ask chatGPT to generate me a text;
  2. While reading it, I'm translating the words which I don't know and adding them to the list;
  3. After finishing the text, I generate a new text asking chatGPT to include the words from the list.

A sample command to chatGPT might be:
Give me text (of ~300 words) of another topic of level B2 with the commonly used words in German and with the following words (they can be in different forms and in different order): ...

In such way I can learn words (of various forms) in the context.

Have You tried a similar approach? What do You think?

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