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To learn or not to learn

Most of the senior developers and engineers have made tons of videos on what they would have done differently when they started their journey into the world of programming. Some of them particularly talk about learning the basic concepts of programming.
Beginners most of the time start their journey by picking a certain programming language and then learn the syntax. Some even jump to learning frameworks like React, Django, Laravel without learning the programming language itself. In my opinion, thats a big mistake.
Before learning any programming language, make sure you understand basic concepts like

  • variables
  • constant
  • sequence structure
  • control structure
  • functions
  • classes and objects
  • primitive data type and user defined data type
  • array to mention a few.

I have been a TA for almost 4 semesters and I have had the chance to introduce freshers to principles of programming. It just basics concepts like what I mentioned above and it is also theoretical. The course introduces students to programming concepts and prepare them for subsequent courses where they will learn specific languages like C++, PHP, Java, Visual Studio and Mobile app development with Flutter.

I always advise newbies to learn the concepts first. This will prepare you to choose any language of your choice and do a lot with it even on their own. It helps you to switch from one language to another with relative ease.
Do not jump into learning any programming language without learning the basic concepts and do not learn any framework without learning the language behind it.
See you on the next one 👋.
I know there are lot of experienced developers and engineers here who can also share their experience when they first started and what really helped them.

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