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Migrate elastic search indices

So you want to migrate Elasticsearch indices from one installation to another. The solution presented here will need Node.js and the package elasticdump from NPM. You will need to set up these on a system from which you want to do the migrations. Let's start.

First make sure Node.js is installed.

Then install elasticdump by running the command.

npm i elasticdump -g

Note: This -g will install elasticdump globally. If you got a permission error run with sudo

Now we can use this package to move an index from one es to another.

elasticdump \
  --input= \
  --output= \
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--input= arg is the es source instance where you want to move the index from

--output= is the destinaation es

--type= has three options

  1. mapping if you only want to move index mapping
  2. data if you want to migrate data
  3. analyzer includes analyzer and mapping

Do this query to list all indices on an elastic instance
GET _cat/indices?v

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biotechsastri profile image

Does this work in migration from Elastic to OpenSearch?

anvarnazar profile image
Anvar Nazar • Edited

Yes. I have done that before.