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Introducing BugVilla my new project.

anuraghazra profile image Anurag Hazra ・1 min read

Universal bug tracker for everyone! BugVilla allows team members to collaborate, discuss and kill bugs effectively.

Live Demo: https://bugvilla.herokuapp.com/
Source Code: https://github.com/anuraghazra/BugVilla

Hope you guys liked it.
If you liked the project give it a star on Github. :D

✨ Features

  • Issue discussions
  • Markdown support
  • Comment reactions
  • Social interactions
  • User reputation system
  • # Reference other bugs
  • @ Mentions users
  • Notifications
  • Bug labels

Tech Stack

Stack - - - - -




Styled Components








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Tried registering:

  • received registration confirmation mail on my Spam folder
  • clicked on the link
  • received 401 unauthorized

The url that brought me there has the format: bugvilla.herokuapp.com/api/user/ve...

(I've deleted the last two letters of my token)



Is it working?


Nope. Trying to login now with the email that I've registered and I am greeted with an error message stating that "Email does not exist"

Thanks for reporting this issue Chris! It should be fixed now. you can signup.

and yes it was saying "Email does not exist" because unverified accounts automatically gets deleted after 30mins


Cant receive verification email :(


ohh thats sad, can you explain? double check your email address please.


Yes, I have double checked my email addresss :c And also tried the google's register method but not works. I really want to see your app working u-u

Okay is it showing any error messages? or anything? or can you open the dev tools and see whats the issue there?

Also whats your email domain? do you use gmail or anything else?

  • trying to register by google says: Error: not implemented
  • trying to login with my email (I dont have received any email :c) says: Email not verified
  • email: h a n s f p c @ outlook.com (without spaces) . Send me an email and I will send you screenshots

Creative Name!
This is amazing. 🔥
Good UI and UX.


Thank you!


You're more than welcome sir


This is really awesome!


Thank you!