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Maria Antonella 🦋
Maria Antonella 🦋

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Mom, I programmed my first HELLO WORLD🌟

Sometimes it's good to remember the happiness we felt at the beginning of our journey.

Do you remember? Almost like a welcoming ritual, the first program we learn to code in any language is the famous "Hello world".

When you're not expecting it, that day comes: you're sitting in front of a computer. 🖥️

We hear the sound of the keys and for the first time we type a line of code. On the screen we see the dreamy Hello World! 🌏

It greets us and celebrates our first grain of sand in this world. Our first grain of bits. It's the beginning.

It makes us feel powerful. As if we have the ability to do even the impossible. Welcome to the world of programming 🖥️

Sometimes developing becomes frustrating. It makes me angry, it makes me sick, it makes me ill. Sometimes it makes me feel like I can't do it.

That's why it's good to go back to feeling like that little person who was discovering everything for the first time.

My first Hello World was in C++

Pure magic. How happy I was!

Do you remember in which language was your first Hello World? Tell me :)

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Bernd Wechner

BASIC, 1981

I don't remember feeling excited or thrilled though. More like "OK... ".

Wrote a game of Pong using peeks and pokes after that. Kept that Vic 20 running for two weeks as we had no persistent storage 😉

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I was really excited.

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Bernd Wechner • Edited

Well, some of us get excited, and some of us, like shrug or "O.K." or even "meh! ;-). Horses for courses they say, or different strokes for different folks ;-). All good. Diversity is out collective strength.

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java, year 1999

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Ronaldo Peres

Lol 😅

I think my first 'Hello World' was in Basic - 1986

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really, i was 6 years old then

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Ronaldo Peres

Yep, and i was 7 years old!!

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Lukas Klinzing

That was also my first hello, madybe.. need to ask mom, i was 1 year old

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My FIrst "Hello World" language was the C++ like you
I like the C and C++
This is the basic language of all program languages
Now I am developing the project using the Python
Since now I coded the "Hello world" using the C, C++,QT, MFC, Android, Java,Html, JavaScript,Python,Golang,Rasa and etc....
Thank you for your kind attention
If you need my help, plz let me know
thank you

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Barun Ghosh • Edited

GW-BASIC ( i think it was Microsoft version of BASIC )

in DOS environment,
booted using big size floppy

no mouse, school computer lab,
only B/w screen

I was in STD. 6 ,

year 1997

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Lakshya Chopra

Python, year 2020

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The first one was in Java, BlueJ, when I was around 13. Had an IT/Maths teacher I detested and dropped the topic.

Would take me 13 more years to finally get back on that track. Wonder what would have happened if I've had a decent mentor back then.

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Jon Randy 🎖️

BASIC on the ZX Spectrum - 1983 - aged 7

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Martin Häusler

Delphi 6, around 2004.

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Jhonatas Rodrigues de Barros

My first hello World was in php

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Christian Baez

C , year 1998

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Jörg Plate

UCSD Pascal on Apple ][ (1980-ish), followed by 68000 Assembly and C.

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Eric Madae Dieny El-Huda • Edited

my first 'hello world' was java with class name's Student, in 2016

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Ned Clarence Mostoles

It was C when i was 14 years old