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From Rust to Python through screwed up SQL queries

I had a geo-location telegram bot written in Rust, but I decided to rewrite it in Python, because I see no chance to get a Rust developer job without few years of experience or bachelors degree and residence and work permit in Europe/USA.
I'm not very experienced with Python, but I finished everything in 1.5 days. Everything except calculating distance between user location and nearest cafe (or any other object – depends on business requirements). I spent a lot of time on this project and now I have to spend even more time fixing it.
The fun part is – I asked ai to write Postgres query, because I don’t like to write queries and it created latitude and longitude as INT instead of REAL. So my code was comparing not 44.7931742 and 44.7988984 but 44 and 44. And I never checked it! It’s a shame I guess.
I think next time I will be more careful when switching between programming languages. It's important to double-check everything and make sure that everything works before moving on. And I need to focus on SQL queries.

Rust version of this telegram bot
Python version of this telegram bot

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Bred King

Really useful and informative article indeed.

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