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Expose data from Application Insights

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Application Insights is great for collecting metrics and even traces (even from Serilog).

But now, how can we mine all this data and expose all of this data ?

Azure DevOps

We can use Dashboard by adding dedicated Application Insights widgets.

Authentication will use API Key.

But it will only display metrics.
It seems impossible to use Kusto query.

Power BI

Power BI Desktop without any connector let you use Kusto query !

You will need to publish it to share the data.

Azure Shared Dashboard

Azure Dashboard let you add tiles from various sources including Application Insights. At first, it seems impossible to use Kusto query, but there is a way directly from Application Insights !

Azure Data Explorer

Azure Data Explorer can display Kusto query, if you have an Azure Data Explorer Cluster.

It can integrate with Power BI (with 2 modes : Directly or through Imported Query), or with Grafana .

Hope this helps !

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