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Vue.js Enterprise Crash Course

Anthony Gore
・2 min read

I’ve just released the first lesson of my new Vue.js Enterprise Crash Course 🥳

This is a short course I made for professional Vue developers looking to take their career and craft to the next level this year.

Check it out, it’s free to join: Vue.js Enterprise Crash Course

Why I made this course

Are you hoping to step up as a developer this year? Maybe there’s a senior role at your company that you've been eyeing, or perhaps you want to find a new company that's working on projects that really excite you.

If you're perfectly happy with your job, perhaps this year you just want to find new and challenging ways to level-up your mastery of the craft.

I made this course to introduce some of the knowledge that expert Vue developers have and that you’ll need if you’re considering building large apps with Vue.

What you will learn

While there are plenty of different skills you need for enterprise development, some of the most crucial are - testing, deployment, and full-stack architecture.

As it’s a short course, you shouldn’t expect to master these topics, but you will get a basic knowledge and a good starting point for further study.

I’ll also give you an enterprise app blueprint that you can mess around with and use as the basis of your own Vue + Node apps.

The first lesson is out today, and in this one, I talk about what enterprise web development skills are and why they’re crucial for building commercial-grade Vue apps.

I hope to see you in the course!

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